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Elizabeth is chatting with Gabriel about her discovery from Stobert. Now Gabriel is interested in getting his hands onto the strong, healthy wheat Stobert's company is creating.

Gabriel apologizes for spreading them so thin. Elizabeth wonders if something is wrong with her. Gabriel assures her there is not. It's a long career. As for Gabriel, he's just tired and old.

Henry has no idea to ever become a travel agent. No worries, Henry!

Mischa is arriving home (or somewhere) on a plane.

Philip tells Elizabeth about his father. They didn't have anything, but now they have everything. It's so strange sometimes.

Stan and his partner visit with Sofia Kovalenko. They want to offer her and her son things to work with them. Stan gives her their private line to call anytime.

In Topeka, Elizabeth is in bed with Ben. He asks her to stick out her tongue. A red tip indicates emotional turmoil, blocking the chi. He gets out of bed and starts doing tai chi. She joins him.

Gabriel reports to Claudia. Mischa is home. They'll give him his old job back. She thinks he'll be fine. Gabriel doesn't think Philip is particularly happy. Has he ever been, Claudia wonders.

Gabriel heads to the Lincoln Memorial. Standing in front of Lincoln, he looks out over the water to the Washington Monument and beyond, pensive.

He doesn't like lying to Philip and Elizabeth.

Oleg and his partner are in the home of Dmitri. They see his money and swag and plan to take him in unless he spills what he knows.

Philip is making a plan in which Marilyn is involved.

When a Mary Kay lady visits the house and Paige answers the door, Elizabeth puts a stop to it very quickly. Paige is shocked by how rude her mother is, but Elizabeth says she'd just be wasting her time.

Elizabeth and Philip report into Gabriel, the latter of who needs to talk to them. He's going home.

And in case they might still have the pinings for home, the centre isn't going to stop worrying about them, so maybe they might think about it, too.

Oleg sits in the park smoking.

Elizabeth goes to the office to find out where it is and what the office hours are. She lights a cigarette in the bathroom and melts down a key with a lighter to make an impression on the lock before going into the office.

She's visiting a therapist. She tells him bits and pieces of her life to get through the hour and rolls her eyes on the way out.

Philip and Elizabeth mull around what it means that Gabriel is leaving.

Henry is eating dinner with Stan. Henry has a crush on a girl in his class, Chris. She's really cool.

Philip goes to visit Gabriel. He needs to know why Gabriel is leaving. Gabriel keeps up the "it's time for me to go" shtick. Philip shares the memories he's been having about his father.

Philip learns his father wasn't a logger, but a guard at a logging camp. Philip is following in his father's footsteps. He came from a trustworthy family and wasn't recruited because of his father, per se.

Gabriel says Philip's father was nobody because they were all nobodies.

Elizabeth is watching a family while recalling her BFF from last season.

Paige is reading the book from Pastor Tim. She agrees with a lot of Marx's thoughts, but not those on religion.

Philip arrives home with an absolutely flat look on his face. Elizabeth gets into the car with him.

Philip cannot believe his father was a guard at a prison camp, nor can he understand why his mother never told him the truth.

Oleg has been deciding what to do. He sees Dmitri in prison.

Oleg goes home, grabs the tape, nods to his mother, glances at his father and heads to a roof to burn a letter. He destroys the tape, setting it, too, on fire. Peter Gabriel sings while Oleg looks at the full moon.

Paige is with her parents. They arrive at Gabriel's, and she's pushed forward into the living room.

Gabriel has a beautiful smile on his face.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Ben: You're softer today.
Elizabeth: What am I normally, crusty?

Philip: I'll do my job. I've always done it.
Elizabeth: I know.