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Philip and Elizabeth are working their Kansas targets. Right in the middle of sex, Philip thinks back to his father bringing back what appears to be three black rocks for dinner. Maybe they were seriously rotten potatoes?

Stan and ?? aren't having an easy go penetrating the KGB from a different direction.

Phillip and Elizabeth discover Henry is doing so well his teacher wants to move him to Algebra 2. They're stunned.

Stan and friends are going to the movies. Philip begins to think like the rest of us. They've been giving a lot of detailed reports on Stan. Yet Elizabeth thinks it's crazy tobelievee "they" sent her.

Over in Russia, Oleg's partner continues threatening people's families and Oleg continues rolling his eyes. A lot.

Mischa finds a Payphone. The way he looks at it, you'd think it's the first he's seen so far in the US. He has some phrase he says that alerts that gal who answers the phones.

Philip is off playing football with Tuon while Elizabeth has dinner and sex with Ben. During sex, she looks around the room for clues. But he still seems too good to be true.

Paige was hoping Matthew would free her mind from other things, but now being with him makes her feel worse. She doesn't know if it's because he's not right for her or because she's already so screwed up she's always going to be alone. Philip is crushed.

Gabriel and Claudia decide it's not good to introduce Mischa to the family. Claudia thinks it's because of speaking out against the way and his hooligan ways. Gabriel wants to trust Philip.

Oleg gets home from work to his own personal Dating Game.

Elizabeth calls Philip to tell him she misses him. It's one of the most touching moments of the series.

He tells her about the memories of his childhood. Food and clothing. She wonders if they were good memories. He hesitates. He guesses so.

The lady who helped Philip and Elizabeth at the lab is following Stan and his date. Philip is watching, too.

Matthew wonders if Paige is tired of him. Asks if she wants to break up with him.

Elizabeth discovers Woodsy's job. To create the strongest, most resilient grain every known. He isn't too good to be true, he's true.

Gabriel meets with Mischa and tries to explain meeting with his father would put him in terrible danger. He cannot see his father here. Maybe someday, but not here. This is happening at the same time Philip is at a symposium about parents and children.

Mischa seems terrified. He's come so far and wants so badly to see his father. He doesn't understand what Gabriel is telling him. They're right that it's not safe, but they could make it safe.

Elizabeth gets home and tells Philip they got it wrong. The bugs in the lab were there to test crops for for resistance. Philip almost breaks when he realizes they killed an innocent man in the lab.

Oleg is studying a map. He heads out to the square.

Philip is with Tuan. He intends to tell him what Elizabeth learned about the grain situation. Elizabeth shows up and Tuon goes upstairs.

They sit at a strange table, dressed in disguises with McDonalds on the table and discuss their entire future.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Renee: Oh. You're so tight. What is it?
Stan: Oh, it's just stuff from work I can't really talk about.
Renee: Can't you just be, I don't know, vague?
Stan: I guess I was really aggressive with this stuff with my boss. I said a little too much. It'll work out.

Wolfe: If nothing else, we keep the KGB busy and irritated.
Stan: Well, we're certainly busy and irritated.
Wolfe: That's a good joke.