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Philip and Elizabeth differ in their opinion over Gabriel leaving. Philip is happy he's gone, doesn't believe he really cared about them at all. 

He thinks Gabriel just got tired of the job and that's why he left. He also reveals that Gabriel didn't think Paige should do this. That it just came up.

Henry has Chris over and Stan keeps his secret. He was sworn to secrecy. Stan doesn't know what happened between Paige and Matthew, and the Jennings don't share that news, either.

Some suits approach Oleg about visiting his father's apartment. Oleg's room, in particular. Dad is a little shocked, mom even more.

Elizabeth visits with Evgheniya to get some news on her job, how she likes teaching and whether things are going well with Pascha and Alexei. 

It's a good thing Oleg burned that stuff he had. The dudes leave with nothing. Dad wants to know what the hell is going on. He begins making phone calls despite Oleg's protests. Oleg doesn't want them getting in trouble for doing their jobs.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with Claudia. They give a very short update and Philip gets ready to leave. They're not interested in getting any closer to Claudia than getting what information she gives and them leaving.

Claudia wants them to keep going with Stobert and Diedre, just until they get word about the sample. They say sure. Frankly, they don't give a damn. Without news about the sample, there is nothing for them to do with those two. They both cancel their upcoming trips.

Stan and Aderholt meet with Sofia again. She will be paid $500 a month. She wants to save $250 for her son's education and $250 for a house, which Stan says will take a very long time.

When Elizabeth calls Ben, he's disappointed she won't be coming to town. Diedre, on the other hand, breaks up with Philip. She needs someone more assertive.

Elizabeth and Paige are training in the garage. Paige is frustrated. She's not coming along fast enough. She's sick of being scared.

Elizabeth looks at the wall and then tells Paige she was raped. She trained until she fought so hard that she knew no one would ever hurt her like that again. 

Oleg goes to his boss to confess going to the archives for information on his family. It seems to work as a way to hide why they might have been searching his room.

Elizabeth wonders if Philip was kicked out of Diedre's bed because of est. It's making him worry too much about feelings. No, he says. It just makes him think about another side to himself he didn't know about before.

Philip and Elizabeth are tracking Evgheniya. She's not going to one of her student's houses. Elizabeth gets the camera and takes off on foot. Woman is having an affair.

Claudia reveals to Elizabeth she was home visiting her daughter and grandchildren, the latter who didn't remember her. 

Philip calls Diedre. He tries harder to be the asshole she needs. He's married. She picks up the phone.

Tuon has ideas for Pascha, on how to get his mother to want to take him back to the Soviet Union. Alienate him at school. And oh by the way, you guys should be here more often.

Paige is watching television. There is a commercial for Watchamacallit.

If Elizabeth wasn't a spy, she'd want to be a doctor. Paige laughs. She has no bedside manner. Well, she'd do it in the third world somewhere where it wouldn't matter that she wasn't so good at that.


The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Claudia: I was read in on everything. You've been doing beautifully.
Philip: We've had our moments.

Wouldn't it be a nice world if no one had to do this.