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Pasha, Tuon and the families are bowling. Pasha gets a gutter, so Tuon gives him some tips and gets a gutter himself.

Alexi continues talking about how terrible things have gotten in in Russia, and his wife is angry. He shares with Philip and Elizabeth that he and his wife had a different upbringing. His childhood was terrible. His wife might not have known he was going to defect.

Tuon thinks Alexi is a traitor, and can't wait for the day the US shuts down Russia just like they did Viet Nam and Alexi has nothing left. Elizabeth hopes they can stop it coming to that.

Philip thinks they should bring her into this operation. It's something she'd understand. Something that would put the importance of Matthew aside.

They tell her about the grain and the pests and meeting the other family and not sharing their names. She asks as much as she can.

Philip recalls growing up in Russia. It was highly unpleasant.

In Russia today, Oleg is walking through the park and notes a woman I swear looks like Martha.

He's on his way to a grocers to find out how she gets the food her store. Does she pay anyone at the baza to get the best of everything? Still, the store shelves are bare bones. She offers him a bag of tangerines as a bribe.

There's Martha!!! Oh God. She must be miserable.

Tuon is absolutely disgusted with Pasha.

Stan and Aderholt visit with a dude named Anatoly. He leaves without touching his breakfast.

Philip and Elizabeth learn from Gabriel the pests are types of Midges that leave larva too small for detection. If they get into the grain supply, Russia could be tanked.

They also tell Gabriel what they shared with Paige. She's closer to them now. 

Matthew wonders what's up with Paige, and they begin talking about the world. When she gets too close to the subject, she uses the technique they showed her and switches the subject to her paper on Napoleon.

Lying in his face felt gross. She can't stand the idea she's going to be like that for the rest of her life. 

Mischa is in Yugoslavia. His contact isn't there anymore, but he has a letter for the guy from his mother. Mischa gives the guy the letter, he reads it and tells Mischa to wait here.

Philip and Elizabeth are on their way to Oklahoma City. 

Luka is gone, arrested, unable to help Mischa to get across the border. A new, burly looking dude wants to see Mischa's money. He takes a large amount of it, too much, and then rifles through his bag. 

Philip wonders why their country isn't able to grow enough grain for their people when they have just as much land, more, than the US has for their people. 

Elizabeth tries to distract him with some rodeo dancing.

Stan and Aderholt visit another man about Amtork, this time in the bathroom. He leaves.

Someone tells Oleg on his way home he missed the meeting. He gives him a package and says sorry.

Inside is a cassette tape and a map. It's a recording of Stan talking to someone who says, "She's working for us."

Philip and Elizabeth find the lab and the bugs. Agricorp is the company that has contracted for the eggs. 30-40k have been sent so far.

They kill Randy.

A woman in the parking lot watches them put the body into the trunk. Philip walks over and asks if she's OK.



The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Matthew: Are you OK? You seem sad.
Paige: The world's just so messy right now. It's hard to figure out what to do about it.
Matthew: Well, there's nothing we can do about it.
Paige: Do you really think so?

Paige: Is it hard pretending to be other people?
Philip: Yeah. Sometimes it's really hard.