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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 3, Jimmy Kimmel guest hosts and sends Chris Soules' dates into crazy land. 

For Chris' date with Kaitlyn, Jimmy sends them to Costco to buy steaks, mayonnaise, and enough ketchup to fill a hot tub. They load it all into a limo and then return to Chris' house to prepare dinner after spending a normal day in a big box store. After several rounds of drinks, Jimmy arrives, late to the party, and Chris sets about cooking steaks for the three of them. They do not seem to stop laughing at all throughout their dinner and Kaitlyn leaves the date with a rose.

During the group date the next day, Jimmy puts the girls through the paces of a farm-themed obstacle course. Shucking corn, gathering and frying eggs, milking goats, shoveling manure, and chasing greased pigs are tasks which the girls must complete in order to be declared the winner. Carly emerges victorious despite the fact that Jillian's derriere tries valiantly to take home the crown. Becca gets the date rose.

Whitney gets the second one on one date of the week and Chris takes her to a vineyard. While there they see a wedding taking place and decide to crash it. They have time to buy a gift and get dressed before crashing and no one recognizes him or sees the cameras lurking around the periphery. Whitney gets the date rose.

Jimmy announces that there will be no cocktail party before the rose ceremony. Instead they'll have a pool party. Trouble brews between Jillian, Mackenzie, Megan, and Ashley I. when the latter three accuse Jillian of monopolizing Chris' time. Ashley I. finally gets her time with Chris and nearly knocks him off the roof of their house. 

Chris sends Amber, Trina, and Tracy home during the rose ceremony.

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