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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 4, Chris Soules' sisters decide to plan a one on one date for him while he takes some of the girls camping for a group date. 

While on the group date, Kelsey mopes about being near a lake that isn't in Michigan, calling it a dirty pond right before being stung by a bee. Kaitlyn and Ashley I. take the opportunity to skinny dip and later that night Ashley I. decides shes' going to tell Chris she's a virgin. She sneaks into his tent and alludes to the fact that she's never had sex but doesn't come out and say it. Kaitlyn gets the group date rose.

Chris' sisters choose Jade for the one on one date and a team of stylists show up to the mansion to dress her for the evening. They transform her into a princess and while she's having a romantic date with Chris, Ashley I. mopes about not being able to go on the princess date. 

Jade and Chris get to know one another and spend the last part of their date dancing to their own orchestra. Jade, of course, gets a rose.

For the second group date, Chris and six of the women don wedding attire to participate in a Muck Run to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis society. Jillian wins and her prize is a one on one date with Chris. He sends her home after realizing they have different plans for their lives.

At the rose ceremony, Ashley I. tells Chris she's a virgin. Then she tells everyone else in the house. Becca is also a virgin but it's no big deal. Chris sends Ashley S., Nikki, and Juelia home.

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