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Chris Soules takes his three remaining women to Bali on The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 10. He has three one on one dates, one with each woman, and each date culminates in an invitation to the Fantasy Suite.

Kaitlyn's date is first. She and Chris spend the day walking around a Balinese village, feeding monkeys, and kissing at every opportunity. There's also a visit to a temple. Finally, they end up at the resort where, after more kissing, Chris hands her an invitation to the Fantasy Suite. She accepts and then there's more kissing.

Chris and Whitney spend the day on a yacht sailing around the Indian Ocean. She discusses their hometown date from the previous week and he says he won't hold anything her sister said against her. He invites her to the Fantasy Suite that night as well.

For his third date of the week, Chris and Becca wander around another Balinese village, visiting farms and a psychic. The psychic advises them to make love on their Fantasy Suite date but that's problematic since Becca is a virgin. They discuss moving to Arlington and he invites her to the Fantasy Suite. She accepts and then tells him she's waiting until marriage. 

The next morning they have a discussion which leaves them both feeling unsettled. During the rose ceremony, he takes Becca aside for a private conversation. Kaitlyn and Whitney assume it was so he could say goodbye to her, but then he returns hand in hand with Becca.

The rose ceremony might be one of the most shocking in Bachelor history.

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