Dancing in the Bowling Alley  - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 1
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Gabby and Justin dance at their high school competition and are fantastic. They speak about both of them destined to go big places, Gabby heading to NYU.

The two of them are a couple, but Justin is gay and everyone seems to know it except him and Gabby.

Gabby tells her friend that she and Justin haven't slept together because he wants to wait for it to be special, but she did sleep with a guy over break. When she and her friend head into her room for more booze at their party, Justin is in there making out with another guy.

SHe gets sick and her friend makes her realize that she's pregnant. In the present day Gabby has a son named Sam.

Julia is making video blogs about aging gracefully.

She's losing followers and sponsors as an influencer because of her age and topics.

Mike is a fitness trainer who is still upset about his wife leaving him and losing his job too. He gets fired from his factory job and his wife Paige has left him and all amid the pandemic.

Mike's freinds are worried about him.

Nick is arriving at the theater to set things in motion for the Big Leap reality series he's been roped into.

Gabby sees the audition for The Big Leap and wants to audition. So does Mike and Julia. They all have different motivations for doing it.

Gabby tracks Justin down at a bowling alley after seven years since them falling out to talk to him about auditioning with her for The Big Leap.

Justin never made it to college when he came out to his dad who kicked him out.

Gabby apologizes for falling out of touch with Justin, and they make up. She initiates a dance number throughout the bowling alley and they both dance. He agrees to audition with her.

They have their stereotypical judges with Wayne as a former dancer who is taking it seriously looking for good dancers, Monica, the cynical and negative foreigner, and Nick.

Mike's audition goes well. So does Paula a cancer survivor with a braodway background, a fun meter maid, and twins whose latin dance feels too sexual and like twincest.

Julia gets through as well. An exotic dancer, Raven, auditions and uses a load of baby powder that they never clean up.

Gabby and Justin perform but Gabby slips on the baby powder and falls. They take Justin and not Gabby.

Monica, a prima ballerina and judge, is not pleased with the talent they have. Meanwhile, Nick got notification that Reggie Sadler, a pro football player with a drinking problem is getting a lot of buzz and the network wants him on the show too for the ratings.

Paula and Mike hit it off and flirt with each other. They goof off dancing and Nick's assistant informs him that Mike was laid off from his auto industry job and the career that Paula left behind after her cancer was as the VP who orchestrated the firings and neither of them know it.

Mike's ex-wife shows up and sees them dancing. Mike tells her about the competition and then gets upset that she's with another guy. Nick wants it all filmed and gets waivers signed. Mike's wife explains that Mike used to be a happy person but he became mean, angry, and depressed and it pushed her away.

Julia thinks that her husband Kevin is having an affiar because he's always working and they haven't had sex, but he's frustrated that she publicizes everything.

Nick is battling some custody issues with his ex Charlotte who wants to take his son Henry to London without him.

Gabby shows up to fight for another chance when Reggie arives for negotiation. They offer him two million.

Gabby offers to convince Reggie and get him to audiiton for another chance. Nick agrees because Gabby looks like America. Monica begrudgingly shows her the dance routine to show Reggie and Gabby goes after Reggie to reason with him.

Gabby: You need to do this. You need the money. You're reputtion is trash, and women hate you. Reggie: That last part ain't true.

Julia goes through Kevin's desk and sees that he's been satisfying his urges by himself. But when she checks his web history he erased it and her curiousity gets the better of her so she wants someone to break into it and see what Kevin is hiding.

Gabby and Reggie hit it off well and are friendly. She successfully whips him into shape and after showing him Swan Lake he wants to do the lift with her, but her insecurities come through.

Reggie and Gabby flirt and have dinner together at a fast food joint. But when they leave, some guys talk about Reggie and he tries to walk away at Gabby's urging, but when they start talking about Gabby's weight, Reggie busts the windshield out of the guys' car and starts fighting when the police comes.

Julia gets help from some tech younguns and learns that her husband has been watching at porn all the time about anything and that the internet is his girlfriend. It prompts her to continue with her Big Leap journey despite his wishes.

Justin gets Gabby so she can support him during his audition. Mike is drunk and sleeping in and he doesn't want to audition. But his friend pushes him to do it.

Reggie shows up to audition to everyone's surprise just after Nick tells Gabby that he'll be exploiting everyone and digging for dirt.

They have a great audition and Reggie does the lift which is a crowd pleaser.Nick wants his assistant to look into everything about Gabby because he feels that she's the star.

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The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Stop saying I got fired. It's not accurate. The auto industry shipped my job to Mexico, and there was a global pandemic. From a bat! A bat killed all of our grandparents! How is that my fault?


Dancer 1: How does she not know he's gay?
Dancer 2: How does he not know he's gay?