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  • Flashback to 2019 when things go awry when Nick is running a reality series that included putting 12 contestants in a submarine below water and an incident happens that involved the govenor and the Coast Guard. Nick kept shooting against orders and a class action lawsuit was brought against him and the network.
  • Julia confronts Kevin about his porn addiction and the kids overhear. She tells him that shes doing the dance show. 
  • Mike delivers coffee to a woman as his delivery job and gets reamed out and coffee kicked at him when the order is wrong. He and the lady bond over how crappy their life is right now but second chances are a thing.
  • Gabby's mother is upset that she quit her job for this show and doesn't seem to believe in her using this as an opportunity to pursue dance again.
  • Nick wants to pair Gabby, Reggie, and Brittany up for the White Swan, Prince, Black Swan performance that will be used to find the principle dancers, and Monica is annoyed when Nick switches around her matches to make that happen. He reminds her that it's more reality for drama than about dance, and she says that she doesn't think Gabby is a good enough dancer to be there. 
  • Brittany makes digs at Gabby and is competitive. THe twins are both competitive. Justin sucks at ballet, and Monica is losing her mind that no one is taking Swan Lake or ballet seriously.
  • Mike doesn't like the storyline of the lead male leaving one woman for another, and Nick thinks they have a story that he cheated on his wife
  • Nick presses Mike about it, and after Mike refues to answer it when his mic is on and everything is rolling, Mike admits to cheating on his wife once whe he thnks the cameras aren't rolling and says his wife doesn't know about that. 
  • Gabby overhears the crew members saying that there's a bonus for finding out about the father of her kid and $13 mil contract so if he does well with the show he may have a shot at getting it back.  He asks her out to dinner.
  • Paula shows up at the bar where Mike is hanging out with his friends demanding to know why he won't dance with her, and his friends reveal that he cheated on his wife before. She tells him they need to practice now.
  • Paula and Mike dance with his friends rooting him on and her driver waiting for her. 
  • Nick and Monica have sex.
  • Wayne gives Julia a much-needed pep-talk.
  • Gabby stops by to see Reggie, but sees Brittany in there and thinks she's giving him a BJ. Nick catches her crying about it, and he's upset that no one caught the act on tape. He also tells her to get angry at everyone and get a good part instead of crying about things and is surprisingly effective at the pep talk.
  • Simon works with Justin on his frame and calls him out on his internalized homophobia. Justin nails the turns and they have a dance fest at the basketball court.
  • They announce the roles and Gabby is cast as the understudy who has to learn all the parts in case something happens to someone else. She's not happy about it. Justin doesn't get cast in a main role. 
  • Gabby cancels her plans for dinner with Reggie.
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The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Are you masturbating from home today, or are you going into the office?


Intern: We have Governor DeSantis, the Coast Guard, and Zack Peterman from the network.
Nick: God, what a horrible array of choices.