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Ressler's older brother Robby brings him back to Detroit for a risky job. His mother throws a homecoming party for him. She thinks he's home for a case. Their detective father was killed on the job by his dirty partner Tommy in 1995. Robby wants to dig up a body before construction begins on the site in the near future. But they're being watched by thugs. Young Donny had overheard Tommy talking about his father's murder. He breaks into Tommy's house and accidentally shoots and kills him. It's Tommy's body they are digging up in the present. Back in 1995, Donny calls Robby for help. Robby sends him home to hide the gun and takes care of the body. In the present, they throw the body in Robby's car's trunk. Donny thanks Robby for his help back then. Someone drives off with Robby's car, including the body. Robby had borrowed $50,000 from Jakov Mitko. He wants Ressler to steal a file that would name an undercover asset in exchange for the car and forgiving Robby's debt. Robbie tells Ressler that he had finished off Tommy with a shovel. Ressler calls Liz and turns him and Robby in to her. She sets up a sting to capture Mitko and his operation. The flash drive Ressler gave Mitko was blank. Mitko threatens Robby with a knife and Liz shoots him as local FBI agents mop up his men. Young Donnie delivers a eulogy at his father's funeral when he announces that he's cleaning up his act. The Resslers had to face the consequences. The Resslers tell the FBI about the loan sharking and Mitko brings up the body in the trunk. When the FBI agent checks the car trunk, the body is gone. Liz made it disappear for Ressler. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

You remember Tommy Morgan, don't you, Donny?

Robby [to Ressler]

Robby: I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Ressler: What? That Mom was going to hold a family reunion.