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Katarina threatens Sadiq to draw out Dembe. Red tells the Task Force Arturo Ruel's DNA was on Sadiq's desk. But Ruel is still in prison in isolation. Liz and Ressler interrogate Ruel. Ruel slips Ressler a note saying "Want to talk Not here." Warden Roy Cain then takes a job to eliminate a witness. Raymond informs Liz he plans a transition of assets to her. Red's former lawyer Marvin won't help him unless he gets Marvin's law license reinstated. Katarina calls to set up a meeting with Dembe. Liz tells Ressler about Red's succession plans. Ressler guesses it's because of Raymond's health. Red uses Al Roker to mediate the negotations for Marvin's license while Dembe slips away. Raymond and Marvin determine that Cain is stashing specialists in isolation to have them commit crimes. Guard Vincent Martin runs the operation. Liz and Park trail Martin when he checks out hours early from the prison. He smuggles out four inmates who become heavily armed. Liz and Aram figure out they're attacking a protective detail to kill the witness in a murder trial. Liz and Park take down the inmates in time. Dembe meets Katarina. Three of the inmates escape but the one caught gave up Cain, who had been taking care of their families. But he doesn't know where Sadiq is. Sadiq tries to convince Dembe it's all right to let him go and save Red. Cain kills the three inmates at the safehouse. Raymond is waiting for him when he gets home. Cain tells Red that Maddie Tolliver had him abduct Sadiq. Dembe offers to give Katarina what she wants if she releases Sadiq. Red arrives in time to save them both. Cain is found dead. Liz meets Katarina. Liz will have to choose between Red and Katarina. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Doctor: Maybe you can get him to listen to reason.
Dembe: It's unlikely but I'll try.
Doctor: Try hard. His life depends on it.

Clearly the prospect of my death doesn't shake your faith. How about we see if the prospect of yours shakes [Dembe's]? Why don't you pray on that?

Katarina [to Sadiq]