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Dembe's imam Sadiq is being harassed by the FBI's counterterrorism unit. Raymond asks her to look into Sadiq. The Task Force takes on a cold case investigating The Boneyard Killer, who uses graveyards as dumping grounds for sex workers that he buried alive. Sadiq is abducted by two men. Liz tells Ressler that Ilya is out there somewhere. The Boneyard Killer is using sex workers as surrogate mothers. The Task Force is trying to find the baby of the most recent victim. Cooper is helping to investigate Sadiq's disappearance. The killer is coaching the latest mother, Angela. The killer is using sperm from prominent dead men to impregnate the women, who then make paternity claims then drop off the children at fire stations. Red leans on an importer to gain the locations of the smugglers within Sadiq's mosque. Nyle Hatcher, a Maryland mortician, is the killer. Liz and Ressler search Hatcher's office and find sperm in a Thermos inside a cooler. Hatcher is part of a team of morticians who go to mass-casualty sites. Hatcher's latest target, Angela, won't give up the baby. Dembe and Red track down a mosque smuggler, who won't give them Sadiq. The task force arrests Hatcher after he buries Angela alive. They find her just in time. The smugglers brought in refugees seeking asylum. Hatcher says he figured out a way to take money from the dead. He also got the children adopted into good homes. The children end up going to the families of the dead mothers. Sadiq is still missing and Red thinks those that abducted Sadiq are after him. The private eye admitted to Liz that Red got to her but referred her to an archive she heard Ilya speak about. Katarina took Sadiq. Red collapses. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

You're worth it at twice the price. And Pearl is priceless.

Red [to Mickey]

The point of secret settlements is that they're secret.