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Newton Purcell, a man with hearing loss, steals data and blows up a data center after cutting the power line. Red tells Liz about these data-center attacks and she takes that to the Task Force. Purcell shipped Raymond's truck to Scranton, Pa., instead of Houston. Red expects him to recover it. Raymond stalls his buyers for the truck, which Glen discovers is being used as prize in a car dealer's contest. Purcell is torturing Healy, a Westlake town councillor who he blames for his hearing loss. Ressler and Park find Healy's body in a stolen van. Another councillor, Libby Bishop, is the next target, and Newton gets inside her yard and abducts her. Ressler recovers Purcell's hearing aid. Liz has a side investigation going. Elodie's husband Charles is back in the hospital for angioplasty. Aram tells Elodie he wants to be with her just before Charles passes away from an aneurysm. Raymond and Dembe visit the car dealership. Liz and Park gets Purcell's name from the doctor who designed the hearing aid. It's down to Glen and a pastor in the contest, but Red's buyers are getting antsy. The server-farm hums have driven Purcell insane. He tortures Bishop, but sees Park and Liz and runs. He attacks Park, who almost strangles him with a rope. Liz gets there in time, stops Park, and arrests Purcell. Red buys off the pastor with a Mercedes. Liz cautions Park about being aware of crossing the line. Liz calls to check on Aram. Aram discovers that Elodie had signed a prenuptial agreement. Glen drives in the truck just before the deadline. What was hidden in the truck was $12 million worth of radioactive material. Raymond got Glen a sports car for his efforts. Liz hires a bounty hunter to search for Ilya Koslov.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Liz: Is everything OK?
Raymond: I have a sinking feeling it isn't.

Aram: This may be an odd time to mention it but the men in my family have a low sperm count.
Elodie: You're right. This is an odd time.