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Paula Carter, Glen's mother, wants to talk business with Raymond. Red comes into possession of a code that Townsend and Liz may be using. He wants the Task Force to steal "The Russian Knot," a Russian cipher machine, from a museum in Minsk. Liz and Rudigger plan to steal the same machine. Aram loops the footage so Ressler and Park can steal the machine. But Ruddiger melts away the floor and the machine drops to him and Liz. Park runs into Liz and they battle. Ruddiger knocks out Park. But Ressler grabs the machine. Liz holds a gun on him then lets him have it. Paula tells Red she knows who he really is from a memoir Glen was writing. She needs a loan for $172. He purchases the manuscript instead. The Task Force slips the museum a fake machine. Paula locates an address for Anne's daughter Emma. Liz tells Ressler that Raymond is using the device to talk with his Russian handler. Liz wants to meet with the Task Force. Harold plans to capture her then. Red informs Emma that Anne is dead. Ressler meets with Liz in a park with the machine. They attempt to decrypt a classified ad. The device prints out numbers. Liz has the park filled with women in red jackets like she is wearing, which helps her escape from the trap. Emma knew about Red. She doesn't want the money Anne left her if it came from him. Belsky told Reddington about the classified ads. Belsky tells Liz Reddington has the key she needs. Raymond shows Harold how to use the code. Reddington hires Paula as his new finder. Ressler tells Liz about the code. But it's using the Cyrillic alphabet. The message says "It's time. Mobilize asset." 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 15 Quotes

It's not exactly Little Orphan Annie's decoder ring.


Elizabeth, don't disappoint me again.

Townsend [to Liz]