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Sutton makes plans with a one night stand to hang out as a group with her friends, only for that night to reveal to her that he is married. She wonders if she should reach out to his wife, and ends up meeting her to tell her what happened. Talking to her makes Sutton realize what she had with Richard was what others look for, and she goes to his apartment to tell him that. When she gets there though, she sees him getting out of a car with another woman and she leaves. 

Ryan shares with Jane about a new job she could be great for. The interview goes great but then she gets told by Ryan that they are trying to diversify and so she won't get the job. She complains to Sutton and Kat, with Kat mentioning that diversity in the workplace is important. Jane agrees but says if it wasn't for that, she would have gotten the job. 

The next day the two talk again and Kat tells Jane that she is benefitting from white privilege while Jane says that Kat doesn't get it because she has money and doesn't need to worry. 

Still, when Sutton calls Jane to tell her about Kat's issue with the meeting Jane goes to help because she realizes how opportunity it is for those opportunities that she gets to be just as accessible to those that usually don't get considered the same way she does. 

Meanwhile, Kat is trying to hire the perfect people for her department and comes across a girl online whose voice she would like to have on her team. But the girl doesn't have a degree that the board is looking for, so Kat creates a way to have them realize how important this girl and her voice could be for the magazine.

They agree and Kat helps put that one step forward with Scarlet. She also runs into Leila who needs to grab something from her apartment and Kat says okay even though Adena is out of town. Then Kat has a sex dream about Leila. 

The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Jane: Apparently, they are doing a big push for diversity.
Kat: That's a good thing though, right?

Oliver: You know how I ended up at Scarlet?
Kat: Honestly, in my mind, you were just born here.