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Jane gets nominated for an award for her piece about Jacqueline, and this boosts her credibility enough for her to get more freelance work. She is asked to write a follow-up piece and she checks in with Jacqueline about it during a photoshoot they have for the awards.

With Jacqueline's approval, Jane starts to search and talk to more women about the Me Too movement and discovers a woman who was assaulted by the same man as Jacqueline, five years after she left. This brings up the question of speaking up about an assault and how it can make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Jane tells Jacqueline about it before she writes the article, and decides to focus on the topic that may be upsetting for her to read about. She sends it to Jacqueline because it is her story too and the next day gets offered her job back at Scarlet because it is clear that she is no longer afraid. 

Kat is worried about her dream but brushes it off and decides to go out with Leila and her friends. They have fun at a gay bar until Kat kisses another girl while dancing. She tells Adena when she returns, and Adena disappears for a few days. When she finally comes back she says she understands Kat's curiosity but they aren't sure where to go from here in their relationship with one another if Kat is curious and new to being queer. 

Sutton is still partying with Brooke, especially after seeing Richard with his girlfriend. It gets worse when she has to style her for the awards and talks to her about Richard. She realizes Richard might commit to her fully and this could later lead to a proposal. She wants to go out with Brooke until she realizes that she isn't her friend at all, instead going to support Jane and dropping the bad habits. 

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