The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Stride of Pride

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It has to be an understatement to say that this new episode packed a lot. The recovery time from that won't be quick, especially with the way that Kat's sex dream throws things around for more episodes to come.

Sutton's decision to take a step back to the familiar could be given a pass since she just said that wasn't the right choice for her. But Kat won't be able to just sweep that under the rug. 

During The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 5, Jane learns a lesson about white privilege when she doesn't get a job she really wants and blames it on diversity.

A Difficult Conversation - The Bold Type

Meanwhile, Kat accomplishes something big at work but then has a sex dream about Leila that still has me reeling.

As for Sutton, she has to deal with a married one night stand that weighs on her more than expected.

It might be safe to say that no one got a break, not even Sutton who reached out to her fling's wife to fill her in, only to expect to get back together with Richard to some shocking results.

Never go visit an ex without calling or warning them first, because they will almost always have someone there already with them that you don't want to see. It should be a romance rule by now. 

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What was that?

The important thing is to stay calm; it was just a dream. In fact, dreams are natural, and there really isn't an issue since Kat didn't cheat.

Yet somehow that dream still came out of nowhere, even though I was anxiously waiting for Leila to try to make a move or for Kat to make a decision that would put things at risk.

It doesn't even make sense why I would worry about something like that when Kat and Adena just exchanged I love you's before Adena disappeared conveniently. 

Sutton and Kat Planning - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 5

Maybe it was something about Leila, the way she interacted with Kat made me wonder about her intentions in all this, and this could be exactly what Kat was going through as well.

It seemed like she wasn't sure how to interpret the way she and Leila were talking, the cues in the situation weren't that easy to decipher. Perhaps this is exactly what ended up inspiring Kat's dream, an inability to piece together what vibes she was picking up from Leila's side of things.

It isn't easy to figure out how much those two actually found the time to interact at Leila's party, but it couldn't have been that long. Still, there is something there that made Kat wonder enough to conger up this scenario in her mind.

This doesn't have to mean anything regarding her relationship; a dream is just a dream. It is natural to find people attractive even if you are with someone already. As long as you don't act on it, what is there to worry about?

Waiting Game - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 5

But that dream was still a shock to the system, both for us and for Kat. It wasn't something that felt like it was a long time coming, especially with the way that Kat was all about Adena for the last few episodes.

Kat's completely committed to Adena, that part is very much true. 

It could be interesting to consider though that Kat is still growing into who she is and where she fits in when it comes to her sexuality. The term queer was the only indicator we got about where Kat stands on labeling herself, and yet her relationship with Adena is the first time she was attracted to a woman.

This dream could very well be Kat figuring out her attraction to women in general, with these kinds of moments reminding her that she does find herself admiring the ladies but not acting on it when she is in a monogamous relationship with Adena. 

Jane: Apparently, they are doing a big push for diversity.
Kat: That's a good thing though, right?

Either way, this is something for her to think about and more importantly to bring Adena into. She has to tell her because this is someone Adena knows and this is the first time something like this happened.

But this could pave the way for even more honest conversations to transpire between the two and could lead to Kat finding out even more about where exactly she fits in in the queer community. 

All of which is always a plus. 

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Sutton had a lot on her plate, and for once it wasn't related to work. 

It was the right choice for her to tell the guy's wife, there is no question there. There was a time when I found myself facing a potential situation just like this one, and the impulse was to right away clue in his girlfriend because there really is no question about looking out for one another.

This was a horrible situation, but Sutton wasn't attached to him, in fact, she barely knew him.

Dylan: Nice to meet you both.
Kat: Nice to be met.

His wife, on the other hand, deserved to know what was going on, even if she decided to stay with him.

This time around she didn't, which inspired Sutton to reflect on why she was trying to test the waters when she had someone in her life who fit everything she wanted.

It is difficult to argue with that knowledge, and yet it is easy to remember how just in The Bold Type Season 2 Premiere, Sutton made that choice to break it off. 

Could it all have changed so quickly?

Richard Helping Create Change - The Bold Type

Yes, they did share that electrically charged moment when she asked him to help Kat. There is no question that the feelings and the want is still there, and yet it looks like Richard made the smart decision to move on.

He told Sutton that he couldn't just stick around in this limbo, it had to be final for them to be able to move somewhere else.

It could be possible that the woman Sutton saw with Richard wasn't a date, but following his words, it is hard to figure out how that can be. 

Oliver: You know how I ended up at Scarlet?
Kat: Honestly, in my mind, you were just born here.

Richard and Sutton's break up didn't mean they were actually over, their feelings are too obvious and wouldn't just get buried away.

But now it looks like there will be actual obstacles because if those two get together, they need to know that they are actually getting together for good.

It doesn't mean they will last forever but it does mean that it will no longer be something they tiptoe around, they will have to be in it fully and without any doubts about what this might mean.

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Jane found herself juggling both some great moments and also not some great ones.

Let's just get this out of the way; Jane was clearly wrong about the job.

It was wonderful to see her click so quickly with people and to feel like this was all working out for her, but that doesn't mean that the company choosing to expand their search to offer the chance to more people means she lost out on a job that was otherwise hers.

My ego is much more resilient than that.


It is exactly the point of diversity in the workplace, the scope of people that get a chance to apply increases and allows for someone who wouldn't usually get this chance but could be absolutely perfect for the position to have a real shot. 

Jane needed a second to process the way that white privilege was influencing her view of things, but it was necessary and important for her moving forward.

Her voice is valuable and authentic, but there needs to be that understanding in place about how it isn't always the perfect fit.

This also presented an example of a real issue that had Jane and Kat on opposite sides, a reflection of the way that The Bold Type manages to tackle issues and keep a realistic portrayal of a friendship intact.

Jane and Ryan - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 5

Friends don't always agree, and sometimes the issue is bigger than them. But the point is not to shy away from having these tough conversations; it can be easy to take offense and yet what is really important is shelving that aside actually to listen.

Sometimes you find yourself not in the right, and yet with good communication that could be a moment to improve upon and a way to even better develop your friendship.

Kat and Jane tackled both of that to have an honest conversation, one that struggled at first but that allowed them both to not struggle by holding back. 

Jane needed to hear what Kat had to say and Kat didn't have to sugarcoat or pretend like this wasn't an issue that needed to be spoken about. 

Moving forward, their friendship will be more solid than ever, and Jane walks away from this situation approaching the next one differently. There was a lesson in all this, and it is nothing new that The Bold Type handled it with a direct point of view that allowed for a conversation with the audience in the process. 

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Stray Thoughts

  • That Alex/Oliver/Kat moment in the kitchen was absolute gold level content. It was a group of characters that never really interacted altogether, specifically Oliver.

    But their conversation provided substance to the topic and even shared more of who Oliver is behind just being a boss to Sutton. It was nice to see the easy-going way that people at Scarlet can slip into a conversation, with hierarchy influencing or preventing anything like this. 

  • Adena wasn't around in this episode, and you could really feel it. I'm not saying Adena is an honorary lead, but she is an honorary lead. Plus without her around some things just don't make sense.

    Yes, I am clearly still not over that weird moment that Kat translated into a dream with Leila. Although I was waiting for exactly that. 

  • Music, music, music. It never disappoints, and on a show like this, it is not surprising at all. Still, we need to take a moment out each week to compliment the way that it always works so well. 

  • Who else was missing Jacqueline?

  • Jane and Ben. Jane and Ben. Jane and Ben. I am officially all over this relationship and never want it to end. Jane looks so happy and relaxed and content with Ben, and it isn't even just the sex.

    There is this soft way about them that I refuse to lose because of Ryan, a guy I was shocked still stuck around after The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 4.

    Still, Jane and Ben are in their little blissful corner right now and I can't wait to see more of them together and maybe even with her friends?

What did you think of the episode? Which story were you most intrigued by this time around? What were you hoping to see more often? What were you hoping to see less often?

What do you think about Kat's dream and what this may mean for her and Adena? Is it too late for Sutton and Richard to make it work? Are you Team Ben or Team Ryan? Let us know what you think below!

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Stride of Pride Review

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The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Jane: Apparently, they are doing a big push for diversity.
Kat: That's a good thing though, right?

Oliver: You know how I ended up at Scarlet?
Kat: Honestly, in my mind, you were just born here.