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Jane finds out that Sutton has a gun in their apartment, which worries her because she is against it. She pitches this difference of opinion to Jacqueline on her first day back at Scarlet, with the plan for her article being that she would write about both sides. Jane interviews Sutton but can't seem to understand why Sutton owns her gun.

Jacqueline tells her to tell more of Sutton's side of the story, so Jane goes with her to a shooting ranch to see her use the gun. She tries to shoot as well and isn't happy about it. Eventually, she figures out that Sutton used the gun because of the time she spent with her friends when her mother wasn't around. 

Jane understands more about Sutton's gun use and Sutton realizes that she was clinging to something that was just a way of her getting some control.

Sutton struggles with control when Brooke stops reaching out to her and she can't get a bag she promised Oliver. She finally tells Oliver who gets the bag himself and says they are a team who count on one another.

Kat and Adena decide that Kat is going to try to date other women, she just won't share that part of her with Adena. Kat meets a girl and sleeps with her, first struggling with the new stuff she learns from the experience but then shares it with Adena at the end of the day.

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