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Jane begins her treatments which Ryan wants to be included in but she doesn't want that because she thinks it will make things too serious too soon. But Ryan and Jane get assigned by Patrick a joint piece on the process which pushes Ryan to want to join Jane on all parts of the process. She refuses and they fight, only for Jane to realize that she cares about Ryan a lot and should let him in.

They figure it out and Ryan gives her her injection, and then they begin to write the article together. 

Meanwhile, Sutton moves in with Richard and has to adjust to things like the fact that he has a housecleaner and how she wants to do things like laundry herself. This is combined with problems she is having with Oliver being absent at work and her not knowing how to share stuff with Richard as a boyfriend and not have his board member status threaten anything.

She eventually finds out from Oliver that he is in the process of adopting his ex-boyfriend's daughter. Then she and Richard figure out how to distinguish work and home for each other. 

Kat finds out that her favorite lesbian bar is closing because of an attempt to gentrify the area. She reaches out to her local Council person who says nothing can be done. She tries to raise money and throws a queer prom, which he attends but still doesn't want to help because he supports the new development. 

Kat isn't able to raise the money but she looks into his reelection and the options she may have. 

The Bold Type
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