The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Plus It Up

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Dealing with issues beyond their control felt like the theme for Sutton, Jane, and Kat this time around.

Factors that they weren't part of contributed to a more significant issue that they had to solve with some success and some failure. But out of all of it felt like an underlying message about taking control regardless of the situation. 

During The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 2, Sutton had to deal with a photoshoot that Oliver didn't focus on because of personal stuff that was going on in his life. Sutton had to figure out how to juggle communication with her boss but also with her boyfriend who to whom she felt she couldn't tell things.

Sasha Velour at Prom - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 2

Meanwhile, Jane had to deal with her fertility treatments and the combination of a boyfriend who wanted to be involved. When Patrick assigned both Jane and Ryan an article on her treatments, she could no longer ignore what she wanted to.

And Kat found out her favorite queer bar was closing, which she tried to save but couldn't. Along the way, though she realized how politics played a part in the necessity of change, and she started to figure out ways in which she could help. 

The Bold Type picked up the steam from its premiere to push the leads into difficult situations right off the bat, some of which will even have lasting impressions on them.

Kat's introduction into the world of politics was made effortlessly, while Jane got her final push in her personal life with Ryan.

Whether it works out is for this season to determine, but for now, there was a core getting created for each character. 

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Sutton and Oliver's story was predictable in the best way because you knew it was coming, but it was all that more valuable to have on the show.

These two have a relationship that differs from the one that Jane and Jacqueline have or even Kate and Jacqueline share. That is why it is so important also to see how Sutton and Oliver interact as time passes.

Just because they work well together doesn't mean they don't have problems, and this was conflict enough to be concerning without it being a huge worry in the long run.

Jane: Mine is missing.
Sutton: Okay, but that doesn't mean we swapped vibrators.

Also getting to see more into Oliver's personal life was terrific, because The Bold Type builds scene-stealing characters from all ends.

It is only natural for fans to be more curious and so it always feels like a victory when more gets shared about someone we don't know well.

It would be nice to see more of Oliver with his daughter, sometime down the line too.

Sutton and Richard at Prom - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 2

For now though, as much as this felt like a story that explored Sutton's relationship with Oliver and Richard, this also came off as very self-contained to just her independent arc with herself.

Sutton is becoming more and more independent; there isn't even a question anymore of how much responsibility she technically could handle.

Sutton will face even more challenges soon.

I have now seen both of my best friend's vaginas.


It is no longer about proving herself to Oliver, or even to herself because now it is more about showing herself to people above that.

If Sutton is going to branch out, she is going to meet people she has to prove herself to continuously. This season could be a test of that now that she has gained as much experience as she has. 

Looking forward, Sutton has the tools to handle more stuff coming onto her plate but only time will tell what precisely those challenges will be. 

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It is still a different kind of interesting to see Jane and Ryan in a relationship, and freezing eggs adds another layer to it.

It wasn't a shock that Ryan wanted to help however he could, after the commitment he promised Jane this felt like an extension of that.

But then Jane wasn't for it as much as she should be, which didn't make as much sense considering the thought process she had leading up to picking Ryan.

Patrick: Is Jacqueline really friends with Sasha?
Jane: Jacqueline is friends with everyone.

Maybe it's because this is more serious than most of her other relationships, but pulling back isn't typical of Jane. If she continues to follow this serious path, she has to accept that her relationship is serious too even if Ryan isn't planning to have kids with her right now.

It was also unexpected though that Jane confided so much in Patrick, especially since she still has a little edge to her when they interact.

That doesn't have to indicate anything yet, but of all the leads Patrick seems to have formed the most secure connection to Jane.

Patrick gets along with Kat and Sutton like nothing is going on, but he and Jane keep circling each other differently.

Kat and Jane at Prom - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 2

Not to speak too soon, but the relationship between Jane and Patrick should be kept on the back burner because they are thinking about it.

Eventually, it feels like this will accumulate in something more significant, especially if Patrick pushes Jane too far professionally. 

Jane has Jacqueline in her corner, but this comes off as more of a potential Jane vs. Patrick moment because as much as they trust each other, they also don't seem to fully.

It is still hard to get a general read on Patrick, so in a way, the audience and Jane are both trying to handle the information as it comes at them when it comes to this new person at Scarlet. 

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Katis iconic but creating queer prom all anyone should be remembering about her right now.

It made it that much more difficult to face the fact that she wouldn't be able to save the bar, something symbolic in the worst possible sense. 

Much like Kat, for a second there was that feeling that if intentions are good then the goal will be met. But it wasn't, and the politics of it all hit everyone square in the face.

Kat: People knock now?
Jane: I like it. People are starting to pick up on the fact that this is our room.

Sometimes you can do everything right and put your whole soul into a project, only for it still not to work because of more powerful people..

It was infuriating that the Councilperson showed up to create an illusion of investment, and then come out as a supporter of this gentrification project. But it also might have been the introduction to something bigger, with Kat setting her sights on a cause to which she could contribute. 

That can't be the last we see of him, and Kat choosing this point to inspire her to challenge change for good was powerful in its way.

It was a nice change of pace also not to have all of Kat's issues of the week linked to Scarlet because there is only so much that can go wrong in the workplace before it feels excessive.

Sutton and Kat Planning - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 2

This way The Bold Type manages to touch on parts in all of their lives, from work to personal to roles that they don't even know about yet.

That opens the door for more political conversations that are about starting small and building towards making a chance that you want to see, and there is no one better to spearhead that than Kat.

Throughout all this Kat also gets the chance to take her mind off Adena without it coming off as if she is moving too quickly.

She is working through her breakup and getting to focus on other things until she is ready to return to her romantic life again.

Especially this connection to the bar, it was something she found through Adena and yet it is all about who she was in all this. 

It is exciting not to know precisely where Kat's story is about to go because it becomes unexpected and fun to see the twists that are about to come her way. 

Stray Thoughts

  • Did anyone else catch the way that Patrick referenced not having a boyfriend or girlfriend to take to his prom? Is anyone else locking away this possible queer Patrick information for later? If this was intentional, it was such a seamless way to introduce a new LGBT character because it is that simple in real life. 

  • Speaking of Patrick, it was about time that he learned that Jacqueline is powerful for a reason.

    And the way that she already told Sasha Velour about Patrick's project for him shows how kind she is. Patrick was in competition mode, and Jacqueline was always willing to help him out, as soon as she made sure he knew that he wasn't above her.

    She is very powerful and these kinds of moments are well worth the wait.

  • Music, music, music. It never disappoints, and on a show like this, it is not surprising at all. Still, we need to take a moment out each week to compliment the way that it always works so well. 

  • It was nice to see Alex while it lasted. Maybe we will see him again in a few episodes? One can dream ... 
  • Who else is loving these cold opens for the show? This week's one was even funnier if that is possible, it builds up this anticipation to see what the writers will come up with next time. 

Do you love Ryan and Jane more now? Where do things go for them from here? Did you enjoy that sneak peek into Oliver's life? Would you like to see more of his daughter?

Where do you think Kat's storyline will go from here?  How much did you love the queer prom setup? What did you love most about the episode? What did you like least? 

Let us know what you think below!

And don't forget that you can always watch The Bold Type online, right here on TV Fanatic!

Plus It Up Review

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