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Arman and Hayak are trying to get dirt on each other at the prison.

Thony gets a credit card alert that Marco bought airline tickets to the Philippines.

Thony calls Garrett, begging for help. Fiona isn't happy.

Arman and Nadia meet, frustrated that Thony isn't answering calls.

Garrett and Thony search the airport. Marco sees them and runs. Luca yells for Thony.

Garrett reassures Thony that Marco and Luca never boarded a plane.

Garrett urges Thony to get a fresh start, but she maintains her marriage is over.

Thony returns, and Fiona gets angry that Thony called the Feds since now Marco looks like a criminal. They argue.

Arman calls Thony, asking for the money, begging her to help Nadia to get him out of prison.

Fiona is nervous about Thony giving 2 million to the mob to get Arman released and thinks Marco took Luca because of her ties to Arman.

Hayak got Intel about Arman having a deal with the Feds from a dirty cop. Arman got moved to the general population and started getting into fights.

Hayak tells the Feds he knows about the money. The Feds see it being tracked.

The Feds freeze the funds, and Thony and Fiona leave.

Marco calls, wanting to talk, but he wants her to come alone. He's mad Thony called the Feds

. Fiona and Chris are coming too.

Marco and Thony fight about Luca's custody and their marriage.

Chris and Fiona try to stop the fighting, but it escalates.

Chris and Marco argue. Marco falls down the stairs. Thony reassures Chris and Fiona she'll clean it up.

After the motel clerk calls it a drunk accident, Garrett reunites her with Luca.

Thony and Fiona assure Chris they'll protect him.

The motel clerk sees the video of what happened.

The Cleaning Lady
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The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Nadia: That is your weakness. You trust people too much.
Arman: Nadia.
Nadia: You barely know her. For all we know, she could be headed to the airport right now.

It wasn't a mistake. He did this to hurt me, Fi.