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On The Conners Season 1 Episode 4, the Conner women try to figure out what is going on with Dan when he starts trying to remove himself from the family to be alone. The ladies try to get Dan to talk but he tries to explain he wants to grieve on his own and wants to be alone. Becky suggests Dan go to a group meeting for widows which will help him grieve Roseanne. 

Dan ends up going to the meeting and explains to everyone he is angry with God. He doesn't understand why God took his wife away because he made a deal with him. The group doesn't provide the feedback Dan was looking for and he instead goes back home. Dan eventually asks Becky how she was able to grieve Mark and she explains she first got drunk with Darlene but she ended up going home alone. At home she locked herself in her apartment and stayed home alone for a week to find the peace to move forward with her life. Dan is shocked to find out she grieved by herself considering she was trying to push him to go to a meeting but she explains it does help a little; though she knew Dan would ultimately do what he wanted to do. 

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The Conners
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The Conners Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Mark: We're learning about democracy.
Jackie: Oh, it's a class in ancient history.

Jackie: So since your mom used to handle the holidays I thought we should talk about a game plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Darlene: Oh, I say we follow the Conner tradition and spend every dollar we have on Halloween and we have nothing to be thankful for or buy Christmas presents with.