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Mark is studying 24/7 to get into a Magnet school where many of the kids end up going to top-tier colleges. But he's behind because his school didn't cover much of the material due to the pandemic. Darlene feels horrible that she can't afford a tutor to help. Jackie says that since the test is on Zoom, Darlene should help him cheat.

Darlene tries to sneak Mark the answers while he's taking the test. The teacher sees it in the reflection of Mark's glasses and disqualifies him. Mark is furious that Darlene didn't believe in him.

Darlene goes to the school to tell them that their system is unfair because it favors rich kids. That telling all kids that everyone's got an equal chance to get ahead and if they don't, it's because they didn't work hard enough is garbage.

Later, the school reviews Mark's test and realizes he had already answered the question correctly before Darlene gave him the answer. They agree to let him retake the test.

Becky is struggling at rehab, so the counselor asks her family to come in for a group session to help. Becky says she started drinking when Mark, her husband, died. Dan is reluctant to speak up but eventually does.

Dan says Mark was a selfish little punk who ruined Becky's life. Mark convinced her to drop out of college and then took her college money to pay for his mechanic's school, which he dropped out of. Dan wishes Mark had died sooner.

Becky finally admits that she's angry at Mark, but she's angrier at herself for going along with him. She feels like she's so far behind she'll never catch up, and she misses when her father was proud of her. Dan says he's always been proud of her but never more than he is now.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Rachel: If you’re not going to do the work, why are you even here?
Becky: Because they told me that they’d teach me how to stop drinking, but I’ve been here for two weeks, and all I’ve gotten is a bunch of psychobabble about why I drink. I know why I drink. My husband died. That’s one of the best reasons to drink ever.

Mark: The kids who get into this school get into top-tier colleges.
Darlene: Relax, Honey, you’re going to get in. You’re super, super smart.
Mark: That’s not enough. I’m competing against rich kids from the county. I mean, I can scorch the kids from my school; they grew up eating lead paint chips and cheese ball dust.