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The family celebrates when Mark makes the Dean’s list at his new school. Darlene notices that Mark hasn’t been eating, he’s not sleeping, and he’s irritable. Turns out, he’s been using Logan’s Adderall to keep up at school.

Mark gives Darlene the pills but then gets more from Logan. When Darlene finds more pills, she tells Mark he can’t see Logan anymore. When Mark stays up all night, drinking way too much coffee to try and keep up at school, Darlene decides to pull him from the Magnet school and send him back to public school. She assures Mark that he’s a smart could who will succeed in whatever he decides, but he’s just not made for this pace.

Mark is furious. He tells Darlene he will do whatever it takes to do better than his family, and the rules don’t apply to him. Darlene assures him the rules do apply, and there will be consequences. Once he is 18, he can be as stupid as the rest of The Conners. Darlene says that means she’s doing her job, then recalls Roseanne saying the same thing to her.

Jackie has been avoiding Neville because she doesn’t want him to think she’s helpless or in bad shape after she hurt her ankle playing basketball against his ex, Helen. Her insecurities are made worse when Neville takes Helen and her son, Logan, hiking.

At a checkup for her ankle, the doctor tells Jackie that people heal slower at her age, which sends Jackie spiraling into believing she’s old.

Neville realizes Jackie is feeling insecure, so he gets Helen a job at another small animal clinic closer to Oklahoma, where she can more easily visit Logan when he’s with his father. He says he loves Jackie and has trouble keeping up with her. Jackie is thrilled as they cuddle on the sofa and contemplate getting old together.

Dan hears something coming from the trailer he got for him and Louise. He and Becky find Harris sleeping in the trailer. She admits that Aldo said this wasn’t a good time for her to live with him but begs Dan not to tell her mother that she was right. Dan agrees.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Mark: You're making a big deal out of nothing. It's like my generation's version of coffee.
Darlene: Yeah, your generation also ate detergent pods. You're a bunch of idiots.

Harris: I know you didn't invite me because you thought I'd be jealous, but I love my little brother, and I'm happy when he does good.
Darlene: I know that.
Harris: And who knows, maybe if Mark does really good, you'll let him decide who he wants to fall in love with and won't throw him out of the house like a dog who crapped on the rug. Anyways, that's all I wanted to say. Love you all. Goodbye.