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All hell is breaking loose in Central City. 

Iris is writing about the Metapocalypse.

Caitlin is back! She's in shock.

The team is worried about Barry and his ridiculous over confidence after coming back from the Speed Force.

Black Siren attacks Mercury Labs.

Cisco is making fun of Barry and his "universe" BS, but then Vibes on a dead bird. Mercury Labs is under attack. The Flash is off.

After Christina McGee tells The Flash she knows he's Barry Allen, she pops over to STAR Labs and meets Henry Allen and the gang.

Then she sees Harry, and gets caught up on all the latest crazes.

Wally is out in the streets taking down muggers. Dad shows up when a meta appears. Wally wants to show The Flash he was worth being saved. 

Jesse is worried about becoming a metahuman. She wants to be one, but she isn't. Apparently being hit by the dark matter didn't affect her OR Wally.

Caitlin sees a mirage of Zoom in STAR Labs.

Barry's optimism begins to grate.

Henry wonders if he saw the future in the Speed Force. Barry lays into Henry. He hasn't been around long enough to know what Barry has been through to become who he is. He's just fine.

Henry doesn't want to take anything from Barry, he believes in him. 

The meter goes off. Things are going down at CCPD. It's Zoom. Hunter is looking at Barry's crime board, whining about seeing his mother die right in front of him because he wasn't whisked to safety. Hunter knows what's holding Barry back. He says he and Barry are just the same person.

Barry thinks his angry is dirty somehow. Since Barry always has to be the hero, Hunter will be busy winning.

Cisco keeps seeing dead birds.

Joe talks to Barry about Wally. Please keep him safe. Can The Flash talk to him again?

Caitlin keeps having visions. She's worried she can never move forward. Jay took everything from her. Her confidence, her trust, her sanity.

Wally is out in the streets with the police scanner. While he's talking to Wally, Cisco chimes in. There's a thing going on at Fifth and Main. Wally hears and intends on following.

At Fifth and Main is Laurel Lance.

While they're having their little showdown, Wally mows down Black Siren with his car.

Joe is annoyed Wally didn't listen to either him or The Flash.

Iris reminds Barry that a little fear is a healthy thing, helping you determine which risks are worth taking.

Cisco and Caitlin dress up as Reverb and Killer Frost to trick Black Siren.

It doesn't work, because she knows all doppelgangers are mirror images of themselves.

They turn on the pulse thingy, but Jesse's earphones don't work. Harry switches with her. Black Siren drops, as do the rest, I suppose. Zoom opens a portal and zips into another earth.

Everybody is happy, for some unknown reason.

They're celebrating like it's Thanksgiving.

Zoom steals Henry and kills him.

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

What you're seeing as optimism is me, for the first time, just not being afraid anymore.


I know from being in the Speed Force that the universe is with us, not Zoom, and if the universe is with us, then how can we possibly lose? Right guys?