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Barry is trying to get Iris to notice him at Jitters. He hears news about The Rival and jets.

Kid Flash is there. Barry is really happy to see him and be saved by him.

Barry is back at Jitters. He steals her wallet and pretends it's on the floor. He asks her to get coffee, wine, beer or iced tea. With him. Yep.

Barry is at work. Joe's missing. Barry wants to leave work early. Meeting a friend for dinner. It's the Reverse Flash.

Barry recalls when he took RV to the warehouse after saving his mom.

Barry doesn't know who The Flash is. Eobard wonders who it is. They have a common enemy who is coming for them both. Time. It will take him down right along with Barry.

Thawne says one day soon Barry will be begging him to kill Nora again.

Barry's parents tell him about available rentals. Then he tells them he successfully asked out Iris.

Joe's in trouble again. Barry flashes over to Joe's. He's sleeping off a hangover on the couch. Barry showers him and stuff then takes him to work.

Iris arrives to go to lunch with Barry. Joe does not approve.

Iris agrees that it feels like they know they each other. She wonders where he's been all her life. He's always been here...but then he starts to slip away. Quite literally.

Barry starts losing his powers when he tries to save The Flash and discovers it's Wally. They head over to Wally's place and Iris is there. The only person who can help them now? Cisco Ramon.

Cisco made billions with his apps.

Cisco bought STAR Labs. Barry is amused with all that Cisco is now.

Barry tells Cisco he's friends with him and starts to lose his memories about him, too.

Barry tells everyone what's going on. All about his past and theirs. He kidnaps Caitlin.

Claris puts a rod through Wally. He wants Barry to defeat him, THEN he can take Wally for help.

But Barry has a bit of a problem while he's fighting the guy. He recalls his past flashy moments and begins losing his speed. Great timing.

But when Iris believes in Barry, he ignites. He's The Flash. He stops the two F3 tornados. Claris says it's impossible. When Claris is ready to kill Barry, Joe shoots him. Barry removes his hood. Wally needs his help.

For some reason, Wally isn't healing fast. Barry needs to make things right. Can Iris help?

He goes home and has an awful conversion with his parents. It's probably supposed to be sweet, but it's not.

They get to Thawne's cage. He leaves, kills Nora, but only after Barry promises her she'll be fine.

Thawne then takes Barry home. He says things won't be the same for Barry and laughs. Barry learns Joe and Iris no longer speak.

Edward Claris is woken up out of a dead sleep by a voice we've heard before. Someone rude scratches Alchemy in his mirror.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

So, what should we call this brave new world you whipped up for us? I was thinking...Flashpoint.

Eobard Thawne

Barry: We actually went to elementary school together. PS 23?
Iris: Oh! That's right. I remember. Gary!