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Barry is visiting Felicity to try to figure out what went wrong during Flashpoint.

Cisco isn't Cisco anymore. He's sad and doesn't even name villains anymore.

Apparently, Barry erased his kisses with Iris from existence. 

Cisco's brother is dead. He remembers Dante all the time, and they don't feel like gifts, but rather reminders of what he did wrong. 

Diggle's life was effected because Baby Sara is now baby John. The future Green Arrow.

Ed Clariss is being bothered by Alchemy. He's crying, having memories of a different life. And yes, he'd kind of like to have that speed back please

Julian and Barry continue to chafe at one another.

Barry wants to get everyone together at dinner so he can figure out why Cisco blames him for Dante's drunk driver death and maybe they can get Joe and Iris together.

Iris wants to know what the hell is going on.

Barry rushes into the time force to change everything back again.

The Flash pulls him out. They visit a diner in 1998 and Jay tries to talk some sense into Barry. He explains that "resetting" time never makes it perfect, but a broken facsimile of itself. A true hero lives with his mistakes and learns from them.

After their talk, Barry decides to fess up to the team. Now he has to admit he created another timeline that has meaningful breaks for those close to them. 

If it's possible things could get worse with Cisco, they do.

Barry goes to see Julian to see the latest husk report. Julian assumed the whereabouts of the husk before they found it. That's where Barry goes to find The Rival.

He finds him, and a pal. Alchemy, I presume. More importantly, Julian, I presume.

Iris gives the team a rousing speech about loving and forgiving. They all screw up and make split second decisions they wish they could take back. Iris realizes how silly it is and goes over to Joe to give him a hug.

Meanwhile, Barry is in trouble and The Rival dislodged his com. But his team is on the way. Cisco has groovy control over his power. 

The team decides they don't want to know who they were in Flashpoint. But they also don't want to know who they were in the original timeline, which is interesting.

Barry wonders if Cisco has thought about going out on the streets with him. He's love the backup. Cisco has some things he has to work out. But someday it would be bitchin'.

Alchemy is going to make sure everyone who has powers has them again in the current timeline. So shouldn't Barry let Wally know what's coming?

Barry tells Caitlin of all of them, she has the least to worry about unless she's a closet ophthalmologist. She looks down at her hand which is freezing.

Barry and Iris kiss.

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

The Flash: Clariss.
Clariss: Oh, you do remember, Flash? Good. Because I remember everything!

If you wanted things fixed, why didn't you go back in time and save my brother?