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Barry is excited for his date with Iris, but Julian doesn't want him to leave work even a minute early.

Barry gets Iris a giant heart flower thing and when she scoffs, he flashes it into something with her name. What is she, a horse?

Barry takes her to a restaurant that's so expensive Iris wonders if he's going to donate a kidney.

Before they even order, a robbery is in progress. He flashes out and back. Then they both get calls. A breech. 

Harry comes through with Jesse. Jesse has been a speedster for a couple days and Harry wants to check her out. Cait takes them to the speed lab.

Wally is really disappointed that Jesse got speed but he didn't Barry tells Joe it's better Wally doesn't have speed. Joe agrees, then realizes it has something to do with the other timeline.

Frankie has a bad adoptive dad. She teaches him a lesson with her eyeballs and a lamp post.

Barry and Iris talk about their boring date. They're not giving up but will concentrate on work for now.

Caitlin tries to talk to Jesse, but Jesse takes it all wrong. She thinks her dad put Cait up to it.

Jesse thinks it's just different because she's not Barry. Harry says she's right. She speeds off. Wally wants to talk to her this time.

Magenta tells Alchemy she can still feel Frankie inside her and she's getting in the way.

Jesse tells Wally how she got her powers and he takes it as if she jumpstarted them and gives it a go himself, standing still in front of a car.

Jesse saves him and Wally gets pissed at her. Barry and Harry talk.

Iris goes to talk to Frankie's foster father. She asks a nurse to get him to safety. She looks out the window and sees what appears to be the top of a ship hovering outside the window.

Barry can't keep the ship afloat and talk to Magenta at the same time. Harry sends Jesse to help. Barry appeals to the Frankie inside.

Wally is going to reach out to Alchemy to get his powers. 

Harry and Jesse chat before he gives her a suit Cisco and Caitlin created for her.

Clariss was killed in his prison cell calling out Alchemy. Julian taunts Barry about it. Does he believe in ghosts?



The Flash
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Harry: I guess this means you've traveled back in time again.
Barry: Yeah, but I...
Harry: How many times have I told you not to do that?

Wally: Jesse. You're a speedster.
Jesse: Yeah, pretty cool, right?