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Mirror Master got his powers while he was fighting Captain Cold, so he's looking for him when he finally gets out of the mirror.

Jesse and Barry are training. They don't want Harry to leave. He suggests they get another.

Someone named Cecile takes a file to Joe. Is there something there??

Barry and Iris sit on the couch and drink wine. Iris is looking at him, tells him he's really handsome.

Just as they're making out on the couch, Barry flashes away, blows out the candle. Joe's home. Iris is like, WTF? Barry is the one with the problem, so Iris decides he needs to talk to Joe about it.

Harry makes an intergalactic fishing lure with a complex algorithm attached to try to find the right Harry.

It's not making Cisco happy.

Jesse tries to get flirty with Jesse and she's shut down because she'll be going back to another earth. 

Harry is having a hard time letting go of his stop on the team, even after Earth-19 dude isn't too bad.

At family night, Iris is irked that Barry can't handle cuddling in front of Joe.

Wally and Jesse take it to the next level.

Barry decides to talk about being stuck when he's literally stuck in a mirror. Iris laughs at him.

When getting Barry out of the mirror doesn't work, Caitlin gets rid of everyone and uses her frosty powers to speed the process.

Joe says no to dinner with Celine.

They bring in HR from Earth-19 and Jesse and Harry say goodbye. WTF? I just can't.

Barry finally decides to move out of the house.

Caitlin is taking a shower at home when the water freezes over. She comes out to find chunks of her hair have whitened and her lips are blue. Uh oh.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Barry: What?
Iris: You're just really handsome.

Caitlin: The team doesn't feel complete without Harrison Wells.
Harry: Then change that. There's a whole multiverse of Harrison Wells out there at your fingertips. Want one? Let's go get one.