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Cisco and Harry are busy trying to figure out a way to stop DeVoe which is easier said than done. 

But Harry figures out how DeVoe got his powers and propose a very dangerous idea for how to go toe-to-toe with DeVoe.

Ralph is getting cold feet about the situation as he knows that DeVoe is still after him. Iris goes to talk some sense into him.

At Jitters, Joe and Barry are brainstorming what to do while Barry struggles not getting to help the city as a CSI.

Later on, Cisco and Joe investigate a new crime scene after a new metahuman melted a big wall at the Central City museum.

The team looks into it but Iris asks Barry to stay behind while Iris wants to go out on the field to investigate. 

Ralph observes Harry working on the thinking cap that will be used against DeVoe.

Iris and Joe go to the hospital to interview one of the hostages. But it goes bad as he takes Iris under a throat grip.

Barry runs in and as he tries to save Iris, the guy uses his powers to switch DNA between the two as Iris now has Barry's speed.

Iris tests her speed back at Star Labs as the team figures out that this new meta is DeVoe's next target.

Barry, as happy as he is for Iris, do admit that he feels bad that he has lost both his speed and job.

They get alerted about a fire as Iris takes off to put it out as she has to be The Flash now.

While she is trying to put it out, she gets her leg trapped under a block of a wall.

Barry mentors her over the coms and tells her to phase. But she isn't able to as Cisco breaches in to save her.

Despite this, the team is not stopping their quest to find Matthew Kim. Iris talks to Barry about wanting to prove to herself that she can do this.

The team tracks down Matthew Kim and Iris get her own suit as she rushes off to help out.

One of the hostages is revealed to have fire powers and decides to go after Kim. It was through Kim that he got powers from someone else.

Barry mentors her over the communication and tells her how to stop the fire meta. Thanks to Barry, Iris saves the day.

Matthew Kim helps Flash and Iris get their DNA swapped back to the right places.

Iris has another talk with Ralph and shares his concern for DeVoe killing him. She tells him what happened with Savitar last year.

Harry tries his thinking cap again but things have both good and bad outcomes.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Harry: Listen, Ramon, DeVoe wants these bodies. All right? Maybe we change the bodies, we keep these people safe.
Cisco: I'm sorry, don't you have, like, six PhD's?
Harry: Seven.
Cisco: Yeah, which one of them is in mad science?
Harry: Mad science is just an area of study. It's not a degree, okay?

Barry: I lost my speed. I lost my job at the C.C.P.D. It just feels like DeVoe is...slowly taking everything away from me.
Iris: He hasn't taken everything away.
Barry: What if I never get it back?
Iris: Hey. Caitlin is gonna find something. Okay? Until then, you just have to... watch me like I've watched you these last three years.
Barry: Yeah, I guess so. [Iris Runs Off] Wow, that's... super annoying.