The Flash Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Run, Iris, Run

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It was only a matter of time until The Flash decided to play one of the most classic cards that exist in almost in all superhero stories. 

The Flash Season 4 Episode 16 allowed Iris West to get to be a speedster for a day while Barry got to step into her shoes.

Like many Iris West fans, I have been waiting for this moment since the beginning of The Flash. Was the wait worth it and everything we had hoped?

Speedy Smile - The Flash Season 4 Episode 15

Yes, but with an unfortunate heavy dose of Ralph Dibny feeling entitled and mopey. Let's start with our loud, Elongated Man who is becoming a problem.

I have enjoyed Ralph for most of The Flash Season 4. It didn't help that he started out as a sexist douche, especially given some drama about a former showrunner.

But Ralph has had a solid progression throughout the season. But lately, it has become a lot about Ralph and this new story plot isn't exactly helping.

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I understand his fear of dying at the hands of DeVoe. Those feelings are justified and who wouldn't feel like him if some highly intelligent psycho was after you?

But sadly for Ralph, he has been too much of a downer in the recent episodes. How many times have we seen him struggle to be a hero before he gets a pep talk at the end of the hour?

Too many times and his behavior in "Run, Iris, Run" did not help one bit. I absolutely did not need to know that he doesn't wear underwear regularly.

A Burning Building - The Flash Season 4 Episode 15

I'm certain Hartley Sawyer is doing the best he can with what he is given. If it wasn't Sawyer playing him, I'm not sure I could have tolerated Ralph at this point.

That was the only down part in "Run, Iris, Run" that didn't need to be there. An episode about Iris should have been focused on her as much as possible.

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I did appreciate the heart-to-heart that Iris had with Ralph. Even if it was more than once, but who is counting?

Let's talk about what was amazing during "Run, Iris, Run" which was our team leader! Everything about Iris' story was top notch and one of the character's best hours in the series.

I don't know what was the inspiration for Iris to have purple lightning. But regardless, I'm thrilled that they went with that color.

Should we be more than curious about how Cisco had a suit ready for her this whole time? Even his Cisco charm aside, I was a little weird out by this.

What worked so well with Iris' story here was that it addressed a lot of her thoughts. The Flash Season 4 has done a solid job so far in addressing her agency more than ever. 

The Happy Couple - The Flash Season 4 Episode 15

"Run, Iris, Run" is a perfect acknowledgment of that. Seeing her talk about what it meant for her to get to be outside Star Labs is a big deal.

Even the moment where she is now writing her Flash blog again was prominent. We have seen Iris' life be pushed off-screen a lot of times which is why I appreciate her story here.

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For once it wasn't neglected or addressed on a small scale. If Ralph hadn't been such a trainwreck, I'm sure we would have heard even more from Iris about her thoughts and feelings.

But I will take what I can because I was simply having a lot of fun watching her in action. It was, without a doubt, funny to see another Glee alum enter the Arrowverse in the form of Max Adler.

Unfortunately, he wasn't in "Run, Iris, Run" as much as I had hoped. As much as I appreciated Iris' arc, I also enjoyed getting a deeper insight into Barry's current state of mind.

It was genuinely sad to hear him talk about what he has lost this year thanks to DeVoe. It's those small moments that I end up, for the most time, appreciating more than the bigger stuff.

Addressing character's emotional state is something that has gotten so easy to forget in storytelling lately. Especially in superhero stories where we see the good guys go through one hell after another.

Swapping DNA - The Flash Season 4 Episode 15

As far as Harry's thinking cap side story goes, I guess my feelings on that are "yay"? We know the names of the final two metas, and that's all we know.

Better than nothing, I suppose? Overall, "Run, Iris, Run" was a phenomenal installment that is one of Iris' best episodes in the whole series.

Aside from Ralph's party-pooping mode, Iris got to take the spotlight in a way that I hope happens more often.

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought of The Flash Season 4 Episode 16! What did you think of Iris suiting up?

Is Ralph Dibny beginning to get on your nerves? What did you think of Harry's progression on the thinking cap?

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Run, Iris, Run Review

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Harry: Listen, Ramon, DeVoe wants these bodies. All right? Maybe we change the bodies, we keep these people safe.
Cisco: I'm sorry, don't you have, like, six PhD's?
Harry: Seven.
Cisco: Yeah, which one of them is in mad science?
Harry: Mad science is just an area of study. It's not a degree, okay?

Barry: I lost my speed. I lost my job at the C.C.P.D. It just feels like DeVoe is...slowly taking everything away from me.
Iris: He hasn't taken everything away.
Barry: What if I never get it back?
Iris: Hey. Caitlin is gonna find something. Okay? Until then, you just have to... watch me like I've watched you these last three years.
Barry: Yeah, I guess so. [Iris Runs Off] Wow, that's... super annoying.