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Barry returns to work, but not everyone is happy to see Barry back. He goes to see the captain who says that some don't think he should be allowed back on the force.

There are speculations that DeVoe isn't actually back, that this is some conspiracy. Singh doesn't want to fire Barry, but he asks him to take a leave of absence for the time being.

The team find out what happened and think that maybe for now, this is the best thing for Barry. they focus on finding the other Bus-Metas as four are still out there.

They listen to a CD by a country artist named Izzy Bowen who they believe is one of the last four. Clifford and DeVoe are observing Izzy as they are also looking for her.

DeVoe begins to fall ill as this new body isn't going to last for long for him.  Barry and Ralph go and speak with Izzy to warn her that someone is after her. But she refuses to go with them as she accidentally use her powers on them.

Harry has returned from Earth-2 and runs into Cecile at Jitters. The team locates Izzy, but Clifford has caught up with them to take her. Clifford attacks them with the powers of the other metas.

The team explains to Izzy why Clifford wants her and she begins to stress out. Barry decides to train her and to make her feel safer, he unmasks himself. But that doesn't convince her as Izzy takes off.

Ralph tries to talk with her and explains to her that he also got powers on that bus. Back at the lair, Marlize is running analysis on Clifford's new body as it got weakened when Izzy used her powers.

The team helps Izzy find a way to control her powers, but the training doesn't go as fast as Barry had hoped. Later on, after the training took a bad turn, Barry and Iris have a heart-to-heart as she feels Barry is trying to make Izzy something she isn't.

Barry explains that he is terrified of the lengths that DeVoe is willing to go, after what went down at Iron Heights. Harry goes to see Cecile and apologizes for his behavior.

Izzy decides to take care of Clifford on her own and takes off. Harry demonstrates a new device to stop Clifford from jumping from one body to another, which was what Savitar revealed to Barry last year.

Cisco tries to vibe Izzy as he sees Clifford and her together. Clifford is impressed how Izzy has been able to stand up against him for this long.

She tries to use her violone, but she breaks it. Team Flash arrive just in time to save her as The Flash tries to distract Clifford.

Izzy manages to attach the inhabiter on Clifford, but it doesn't work out quite the way Harry had hoped. Izzy tries to escape, but Clifford uses the chair to send his mind over to Izzy.

Clifford takes off in his new body as Ralph and Barry deal with the loss of yet another bus-meta. Back at Star Labs, the team deal with the loss of Izzy.

Cisco then begins to figure out how Clifford's chair works as they realize that they are staying in a pocket universe. Cecile and Harry have another chat at Jitters.

Back at the hideout, Clifford is enjoying his new body as there are now only three more bus-metas. Later on, Barry checks up on Ralph who is taking this loss very hard.

Ralph offers to make Barry his partner at his firm as he knows the feeling of losing your job at CCPD. They agree that they can't give up and that they need to find the last three metas before taking DeVoe down.

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Space...the final frontier. Now you see it, now you don't.


Barry: You were right. As much as I want to get DeVoe and get back to our lives, I can't rush this.
Iris: It's going to be a little hard for a speedster.
Barry: Especially an unemployed speedster.