The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Subject 9

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While Barry Allen may be out of prison, that doesn't mean that the fight is over. The Thinker is taking the game up to the next level as another bus-meta is located.

But The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 ends up showing us both sides taking a loss in one way or another. While everything was going down, where the heck was Joe?!

Help In The Battle - The Flash

It always feels bizarre when Joe isn't on the screen with the team or seen at the station. In fact, how often do we have an episode where Joe isn't even in it?

I did not expect Barry to have problems going back to the force after he got out of prison. I was 100% convinced that things would be back to status-quo because that is what The Flash does sometimes after big arcs.

But I'm pretty happy that I was wrong because there should be stakes for him after getting out of prison. Even though he was proven innocent, that doesn't mean everyone easily adapt.

I loved that Captain Singh brought up that in Central City, anything is possible. There should be people questioning the sudden "resurrection" of Clifford, and I'm happy Singh brought that up.

Making Music Look Intense - The Flash Season 4 Episode 14

Although to be fair, we know that the DC shows have a tendency of not showing our heroes at their daytime jobs. But I'm sure by the end of the season, Barry will be allowed back on the force.

That was partially why the Cecile/Harry plot felt a little awkward. Not only because of Harry's lack of social skills but because Cecile is going through everything and not turning to Joe with it.

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I know The Fiddler is from the comics, but it does feel like The Flash took their own spin with her here. What is it with these DC shows having a lot of metas with Black Canary-like powers?

They should have called her the Music Canary or something along those lines! I don't mind it as I'm a big Canary fan, but it is funny though how regular this is becoming.

You Should Not Be Alone - The Flash Season 4 Episode 14

I will say though that Izzy was one of the better bus-Metas that we have seen so far. Something that The Flash Season 4 has done a solid job with is showing us that not all metahumans are bad.

In past seasons, the majority of metas have been portrayed as villainous. But this season we are getting to see citizens with powers who don't want to use them for bad things.

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Even though many of the bus-metas have been toasted at this point, I do appreciate that some of them never intended to be fully evil. Some of them, like Izzy and Becky, were simply victims.

Ralph sure got attached to Izzy pretty quickly, didn't he? I get that we only have 42 minutes, so there is only so much they can show and tell us. 

Behold Subject 9 - The Flash Season 4 Episode 14

But even I felt that it was odd how fast he got close to her in a matter of days, if not one-two days. But I guess it is their way of showing Ralph's progression as a hero and how he cares for people in a better way.

I will take that as opposed to Ralph making inappropriate comments as in the past. Let's not revisit that anytime soon because I like Ralph as a nice and decent dude.

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I'm torn about DeVoe continuing to jump from one body to another. On the one hand, I appreciate that there are consequences for his actions.

If I was moving my mind from body to body, surely there would be some bad side effects? But on the other hand, it can become an overused plot device that will make our big bad too powerful.

Wife And Husband Reunited - The Flash Season 4 Episode 14

Will Izzy's body deteriorate in a few weeks too or is this going to be the final host? I doubt she is the final host, but only time will tell I suppose. We do have three more metas out there that Clifford is going after.

We now know that DeVoe's lair exists in some pocket universe which I did not see coming at all. Getting that revelation served with a dish of Star Trek quotes by Cisco was perfection.

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Overall, "Subject 9" was a big step-up while also having some shaky parts to it. I do want The Flash to start showing what Clifford's actual endgame is because we need answers!

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought of The Flash Season 4 Episode 14! What did you think of The Thinker's latest move?

Are you looking forward to seeing Barry as Ralph's P.I. partner? Where in the universe do you think the DeVoe-lair is hiding?

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Space...the final frontier. Now you see it, now you don't.


Barry: You were right. As much as I want to get DeVoe and get back to our lives, I can't rush this.
Iris: It's going to be a little hard for a speedster.
Barry: Especially an unemployed speedster.