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We open with Nora, contacting Thawne. She tells him she’s been using his “techniques” but isn’t sure how long she can keep the secret from her family.  

The West Allen’s go ice skating together, where Nora is absolutely terrible. Barry and Iris talk about their plan to appeal to Cicada’s heart. Ralph, Caitlin, and Sherloque show up, as well. Ralph mentions that his office neighbor has passed away and that Iris could take the space for her journalistic endeavors.

Back at Star Labs, Sherloque presents a memory machine, which is meant to wake up Grace. Apparently, if they translate their brain waves into her consciousness, she will wake up, as long as her brain damage doesn’t cause risks. Sherlqoue suggests traveling in pairs, but that there might be an unwanted side effect of being able to see your partners memories, as well. Nora worries that she has to travel with Barry.

Ralph asks Cisco if he can vibe something for him, and although he’s hesitant, Cisco agrees.

When everyone’s gone, Nora asks Gideon how to hack the memory machine so Barry won’t be able to see her memories, but Gideon explains there isn’t a way to ensure that. Nora decides to go into Grace’s mind by herself, instead.

Nora first visits the CCPD, where she sees Grace waiting while officers discuss her parent’s death. She speaks to Grace and convinces her to go with her to a portal, but it closes before they can leave. Nora is trapped.

Nora tells Grace that she promises they’ll find a way out, but Grace is upset and worried she’ll be trapped forever. Nora explains that she’s been through similar experiences, and she was scared too. She’s able to calm her down.

Iris is on the phone with a lawyer about questions regarding her newspaper, but she won’t share exactly what about with Barry and tells him she just wants to focus on stopping Cicada. They get the call that Nora went into Grace’s brain alone.

At Star Labs, Caitlin explains that Grace’s brain shut down in defense, and it will be trying to eliminate Nora. Iris says that she and Barry have to go in after her.

Back in Grace’s mind, Nora asks Grace to take her into another memory. They end up in her and Cicada’s house, where they run into her Uncle. Nora watches them embrace.

At a bar, Cisco talks to a man about seeing Cicada and asks him questions, then vibes him. In the vibe, he is taken to a rock show of a band named “Sickada” and realizes it’s not about THE Cicada, but just some musician. Ralph suggests they just get a drink instead.

Barry and Iris prepare to go into Nora’s mind, and Caitlin warns them they’ll only have a few minutes to find her. She also reminds them if they die in her mind, they die outside of it, as well.

They start at the CCPD, where they watch the same scene as Nora did when she first entered. Except instead of Grace sitting on the bench, it’s a young Nora. The portal then immediately closes.

Barry and Iris think that if they wander through  Nora’s memories, they’ll find a portal to Grace’s memories. They travel to Star Labs, which is The Flash museum in the future. They find Nora hiding in a corner. Iris notices the article about Flash missing.

Back in Grace's mind, Nora watches Cicada cook for them. Nora wants to leave and look for the portal, but Grace doesn’t want to leave. Grace mentions the fair, and Nora asks for Grace to take them there since that’s where she originally got hurt.

Back at the bar, Cisco notices a pretty girl, realizing its singles night. Cisco realizes that Ralph set him up to get him back out on the town. Cisco thinks he’s meant to be Ralph’s wingman and storms out, calling Ralph selfish.

Barry and Iris find Nora watching information about Cicada in the museum, which claims Cicada never stopped killing and has taken over 150 victims. He never stopped killing, and it ruined The Flash’s legacy.

Future Iris then enters, upset with young Nora.

Nora and Grace end up at the hospital, which is surprisingly her last memory, NOT the fair itself. She remembers her Uncle sitting by her side, and becoming Cicada. Grace reveals she’s been listening, and Nora sees Cicada and the doctor planning Team Flash’s demise. Grace realizes that Nora is XS, and blames her for trying to hurt her Uncle, who she believes protects people.

Grace takes Nora speed, and Cicada attacks her.

Back at the Flash Museum, young Nora and mom Iris continue to fight,  before she drags her off. Barry reminds Iris that isn’t her, but Iris is worried Nora will grow up hating her no matter what. Iris reveals that she doesn’t want to start a newspaper named the “Central City Citizen” because she’s afraid it will contribute to Flash’s disappearance. Barry walks by Thawne’s costume on the way out, which ends up moving and following Barry’s movements.

Ralph approaches an upset Cisco, who apologizes for lying. He explains that he took Cisco out so that they two could bond as friends. Cisco insists that he doesn’t want to have fun until after they find the cure. Ralph reminds him that if you wait to live your life, it will be over before it begins.

After Ralph walks away, the bartender brings Cisco a drink on the house. By talking to her, Cisco realizes that looking at siblings may help him figure out his cure.

In Nora's mind, Barry can’t even get to a new memory. Thawne’s suit appears, and they realize that’s Nora’s defense mechanism.

In Grace’s mind, Nora runs for her life and answers a ringing phone at the CCPD. Caitlin has been able to contact her. She lets her know that Barry and Iris have gone into HER memories, and Caitlin conferences them in on the phone call.

Caitlin and Sherloque explain that the portals are hidden in perception gaps—places that are constructed in ways you wanted things to be, not how they actually happened. They hang up before getting an answer as to how they find the perception gaps.

Nora immediately realizes the dollhouse must be the gap, and Barry realizes Nora has manipulated the memory of her and Iris because she was young, sad and angry at the time it happened.

Back in Grace’s mind, Nora tries to convince Grace that the memory of her Uncle cooking breakfast isn’t real, but she gets attacked by Cicada. In Nora’s mind, Flash and Thawne begin to fight, and both memories and both perception gaps start to melt away.

Barry, Iris, and Nora are all able to defeat the defense mechanisms. The portals open up from both minds. Iris gets to see the real memory of her and Nora in the museum, where Iris is completely kind and loving to Nora before she leaves. Nora tries to convince Grace that she needs to wake up, and everyone can help Cicada together, but Grace calls her a liar.

Barry and Iris show up and save Nora from Grace’s defense mechanism who has returned, and the three jump into a portal—without Grace—before he can kill them.

Caitlin inspects the West Allen’s and declares them healthy. They realize that there is dark matter in Grace’s brain which is why the plan got derailed.

Barry questions why Nora went in alone, and she claims it was just that she was anxious to beat Cicada. Sherloque almost calls Nora out for her lying but at the last second preserves her secret. Sherloque asks what the defense mechanism for Nora was in her mind, and Barry admits it was Reverse Flash, confirming Sherloque’s suspicions about Grace.

Iris goes to her new office, where Barry and Nora are waiting for her, and she decides to stick to with the name “Central City Citizen.” Nora also reveals that the paper is founded 2 years earlier in her life, so Iris is changing the future already.

Nora apologizes to Iris for the warped memories she had of her, and for how badly she treated her when she first arrived.

Nora once again writes a data entry about how her parents can’t know about Thawne’s involvement, and she will do anything—even lie—to protect them.

In Grace’s mind, she vows to make Nora (and everyone) pay for what they did.

At Star Labs, Cisco gets a text from Camilla, the bartender. Cisco also reveals he located a pair of meta and non-meta siblings, so the cure is as good as done. Barry admits that he wants to use the cure on Cicada. 

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Ralph: I just thought if we were getting a night off from stopping Cicada we could just go out and have some fun you know?
Cisco: And I want that too, but after we figure out this cure.
Ralph: You know my mom's friend Doug, he had a saying: If you’re always waiting to live your life you're gonna die before it starts. And Doug? He would know, he operated a Zamboni. May he rest in peace.

You’re an amazing woman Nora west Allen. I will always love you, past present and future.