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We open on Cicadas doctor coming home with groceries. Cicada appears, asking how Grace is, and the doctor reveals she’s stable, but CCPD won’t leave her bedside. Ciacada wants to see her, but the doctor insists he’s not allowed to. Instead, she suggests he put his anger about Grace into killing meta’s and meeting up with her friend that will help him.

On the street, two meta criminals try to steal but get attacked by Cicada, who kills one with his dagger as the other one escapes.

At the accident, Nora and Barry examine the body and determine the cause of death with repeated stabling. Quickly they realize that it must be Cicada.

At Star labs, Caitlin and Killer Frost are conversing with one another when Ralph walks in on them. Caitlin says she’s trying to figure out how to make a cure but Killer Frost keeps interrupting.

Caitlin also explains she needs meta DNA that hasn’t fully formed yet in order to make the cure—in other words, a brand new meta. Unfortunately, everyone that fits that profile has been killed by Cicada already.

Sherloque is still trying to decode Nora’s journal and motives for lying but he gets called to the Vortex.

In the Vortex, the team realizes Cicada has killed 3 people in 12 hours. An alert sounds and the Team heads out to find him.

Cicada is attacking a female meta who is fighting back adamantly. He injures her, but Team Flash gets there in time. Ralph hits him with the cold gun and Killer Frost freezes him, but she turns back into Caitlin to help the fallen meta.

Cicada then enacts his dagger and punches Nora from the back, gravely injuring her gravely.

Back at the lab, Iris and Barry worry over an injured Nora. Caitlin explains he fractured her vertebrae and her speed healing isn’t kicking in, because Cicada’s weapon flooded her body with dark matter. She does claim that eventually the speed healing with a jump start, but not for a while.

Nora wakes, so Barry and Iris explain to her why she is temporarily paralyzed, but they don’t know for how long.

Cecile finds everyone in the lab. Barry lets everyone know that they need to stop Cicada, and soon. Sherloque explains that the best way to track him down is to find a pattern. They realize that everyone Cicada has recently killed are meta’s who have been in prison. They are formal criminals.

The stumble across the list Cicada was given from the doctor, which has his victims' names, numbers, job locations and addresses.

At CCPD, Barry tells the captain that they need to talk. He hands over Cicada’s list, insisting that CCPD must have given it to him, but Captain Sing claims it wasn’t them, and that Barry should let them look into it on their own.

Barry is becoming more unhinged, so Cecile suggests they also use the list to track down Cicada by getting the meta’s he plans to kill under witness protection.

At Star Labs, Caitlin works with Nora on trying to move her legs and feet. She still can’t, but Caitlin says the dark matter is out of her system and she’s healing, although slower than she had hoped.

Nora explains to Iris that she should be way more healed than she is at the moment, and is terrified she won’t heal at all. She asks to be left alone, and Iris reluctantly exits.

Ralph hears a crash and realizes it’s Killer Frost demolishing all of Caitlin’s work on the cure. Barry comes in and asks Killer Frost to help get the meta’s in danger to safety somehow.

The heroes head to Frost’s old workplace, where they discover the meta who had escaped from Cicada at the beginning of the episode—Norvock

The heroes explain they need Norvock to help them round up the metas in Cicada’s path. They explain that everyone will be led to safety that night, and Norvock agrees if he’s the first one on the boat out of the city.

At CCPD, Cecile asks for the Captains help moving the metas to Federal Protection. She says she needs roadblocks. He agrees.

Cecile runs into Officer Jones, who she gets a strange empathetic vibe off of.

Norvock leads the heroes to the meta’s, who are getting agitated. A few suggest attacking Cicada first, but Barry explains that’s not possible and if they go after them, they are on their own.

Norvock agrees with Barry and tells them that he’s only alive because he ran from Cicada instead of fighting him as his friend did.

Norvock tells Killer Frost that he used to be a good guy, but becoming a meta changed him. He saved a child and therefore was hit with dark matter.

Ralph tells KF that a part of him feels better for Norvock, who is clearly terrified. He asks KF if she feels that same terror over Caitlin making the cure.

Everyone but a meta named Peak-A-Boo gets rounded up, so The Flash goes to find her. It’s Shauna, and old meta, who won’t go with him.

Before they can leave, Cicada shows up, and tells Shauna to run. The Flash attacks Cicada, but can’t take how strong he is. Luckily, he jumps into a breech with Shauna before cicada can kill either of them.

Back at the bunker, the meta’s are terrified of Cicada. Cecile reads angry on Barry and realizes that Barry wants to kill him, which he never has done before. She explains to him that the rage Barry feels with consume him the way it consumes Cicada.

This makes Cecile realize who leaked the list at CCPD to the doctor because she feels the same rage off of Officer Jones earlier.

Back at the lab, Nora is able to move her toes. Sherloque comes in and asks If he can look at her achieves from The Flash museum. He suggests that maybe Nora can bring him to the future and see the museum for himself. Iris catches Sherloque questioning her and gets suspicious.

Iris confronts him and wants to know why he’s investigating her. He denies that he’s doing it, but she catches him with a recording device. Sherloque admits that there is a track he needs to follow. Iris tells him that he needs to stop.

Nora finally stands.

Ralph approaches Killer Frost and explains that he’s a meta, but he’s all for the cure because it could save peoples lives. Killer Frost says that she’s afraid that Caitlin may decide one day to make the KF in her disappearance, and that’s what she’s afraid of. Caitlin won’t have anyone to protect her. Ralph says he understands, but when KF disappeared because of Devoe, all Caitlin could talk about was getting her back. They want to protect each other.

Cicada confronts Officer Jones, thinking that he tipped the meta’s off. Jones explains that Cecile realized what Cicada was doing and everyone is in protective care. He asks where.

At the bunker, Cicada appears and takes everyone’s powers with his dagger.

Barry attacks Cicada head on. The rest of the meta’s run for cover and try and find a way to the helicopter. Ralph takes the lead and reaches himself up to the chopper to help them up. Norvock decides to not put himself first and instead make sure everyone else gets on safely.

The Flash and Cicada are still fighting, and Barry begins to lose badly. Luckily Killer Frost shows up. She makes a dagger of her own and injures Cicada. He uses his powers to dampen Barry and shoots his dampener at KF. She ducks, and it almost lands in Norvock, but Elongated Man grabs him to safety just in time.

Killer Frost then freezes Cicada’s dampener and attacks him. At the lab, they realize that Flash is going to kill Cicada. Nora shows up just in time get him to stop.

Cicada gets up and retrieves his dagger before escaping and Barry and Nora embrace.

At the lab, the team explains that the meta’s are safe and that Cicada isn’t currently on the hunt, and the Killer Frost/Flash combo may be something that keeps him away for a while.

They realize that Cicada must have an inside source in order to find out where they had brought meta’s, but Barry explains Cecile is already on it.

Sing and Cecile confront Jones, and he tries to escape, but Cecile can sense him. Jones preaches that meta’s have absolutely no place in Central City. Sing has Jones arrested.

At the lab, Killer Frost apologizes to Caitlin and she realizes they can talk without any assistance of technology. Caitlin insists that she will never use the cure on herself.

Ralph comes in, and Caitlin reveals that KF grabbed a DNA sample from Cicada, which will allow her to figure out the cure.

Sherloque realizes that Nora’s journal has two different types of writing, and there must be a mastermind behind the scene. Now he has to figure out who.

Back at the West Allen loft, they eat dinner and Barry lets Nora know how much they love her. Iris says Nora is back to her old self and so is Barry, but he claims that he’s not and he will never be the same.

Barry then realizes the way to stop Cicada may be to appeal to his heart and save his child. He decides they have to wake up Grace. 

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Cicada: You can’t win this fight.
Killer Frost: Yeah but I bet I can. They call me killer Frost. Now let me show you why.

Captain Sing: When Joe gets back, the two of you will be a force to be reckoned with.
Cecile: Oh, we already are.