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Team Flash builds a machine based off of Thawne's teachings to create an artificial speed force. It fails.

Barry tells Cecile that he doesn't believe Iris is the real Iris. He thinks something happened to her the night she went to McCulloch Tech.

Cisco and Ralph visit Caitlin and find her that her body has put her into an ice coma.

Barry and Cecile go to the Citizen and hack Iris' laptop. They find the photograph that Kamilla took of Iris with a prismatic filter.

The three clones -- Iris, Kamilla, and Singh -- prepare for Eva's liberation. The last thing they need is Ramsey AKA Bloodwork.

Barry, Cecile, and Nash confront Iris' clone. They want to test her with a prismatic scanner to prove that she comes from another dimension.

Iris examines the main mirror in the Mirrorverse and finds a button. She presses it and it reveals Eva's office and her secrets. It causes her great distress.

Barry uses the scanner on Iris' clone, but nothing happens. Iris' clone takes it from him and uses it on Barry, he glimmers like Iris' clone did in Kamilla's picture. They lock him up.

Cecile thinks that Joseph Carver and McCulloch Tech has something to do with it.

Ralph and Cisco wake up Caitlin. Caitlin tells them that she tried to ice heal her wound and it ruptured. She needs help from her mother to heal her light-ice wound.

Iris' clone was tipped off by Eva that Barry was onto her so she manipulated the scanner.

The clones plan to break Ramsey out of his prison in order to get a drop of his blood. Kamilla's clone sacrifices herself to do so. Ramsey gives Iris' clone his blood, but goes back into his prison.

Cecile releases Barry, believing him to be real.

Barry confronts Iris' clone. She does her part in releasing Eva and attacks Barry.

The real Iris sees it all happening and realizes that the clones feel what Eva feels so she antagonizes her to hurt her.

Barry talks Iris' clone down and she tells him to save Iris. Eva kills Iris' clone.

Eva escapes the Mirrorverse.

Barry slowly heals from the fight.

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Look at all the clues. Okay, I mean, she speaks Italian all of a sudden. She smashed a bottle over some guy's head. She made incredible pancakes. Cecile, trust me, Iris can't make pancakes, alright? But the biggest clue was her throwing me out. The real Iris would never stop fighting for us.


Iris isn't Iris.