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Joseph Carver hires Rag Doll to kill Joe.

Iris thinks that Barry can get into the Mirrorverse and save her and Eva. She tells Eva that Barry is The Flash.

Eva tells Iris' clone to drain Barry of his speed.

Ralph has been tracking Sue and her string of bank robberies since she disappeared. He finds her next target and recruits Cisco to help him capture her.

The brakes in Joe's car stop working. He jumps out of the car as it starts accelerating to its top speed. He thinks it was Carver.

Sue gets away before Ralph and Cisco can stop her from stealing billions of dollars.

Rag Doll gets Joe shot and breaks Sunshine out of custody. Barry drains some of his speed trying to rescue Joe.

Joe confronts Carver. He records his confession to trying to assassinate him on his phone, but Carver deletes the file with his technology.

Barry wants Joe to go into witness protection.

Ralph finds Sue and tells her that he knows her parents are being blackmailed by Joseph Carver. She gives him a diamond to look into.

Rag Doll attacks Nash and Allegra, who are trying to protect Cecile. Rag Doll kidnaps Cecile.

Barry uses his powers to run him and Joe to where Rag Doll is holding Cecile.

Joe trips a pressure bomb wire that Cecile is sitting on. He takes her place.

Barry captures Rag Doll.

Barry runs Cecile to safety. He runs back to Joe, but Joe has already defused the bomb by pure luck.

Joe decides to go into witness protection.

Singh is revealed to be one of Eva's clones.

Carver receives a mirror as a gift and Eva appears in it.

Iris' clone tries to make Barry run her to Joe. They fight and she makes him leave.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Carver: It even sounds like you're saying I hired someone to pop out of a box to assassinate you.
Joe: I didn't say that Rag Doll popped out of a box.
Carver: Damn. And I was doing so well.

Cisco: I'm not sure you know how hacking works.
Ralph: Please. I've seen You've Got Mail several times.