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Cisco, Allegra, and Frost wake up to Barry crying over Iris' body. She is in pain.

When Barry pulled Iris out of the Mirrorverse and she resisted, it caused a molecular anomaly.

Mr. and Mrs. Dearbon go to Joe for his help in bringing in Sue. Sue disguises herself as a police officer and pulls Joe aside to tell him that those aren't her parents.

The CCPD is getting hundreds of calls saying that people they have known for years aren't themselves anymore.

Team Flash concludes that Eva is body-swapping the citizens of Central City.

Eva uses her powers to bring Barry to her office. She tells him that she wants him to lead his people into the Mirrorverse.

Barry returns to STAR Labs.

Harrison Wells appears in STAR Labs. He tells Barry that Nash put all mulitversal particles of the Wells in the fusion sphere except for 0.01 percent, which created him. He has all the memories of the Wells.

Sue and Ralph show up at STAR Labs. Ralph is melting. Sue explains that Eva blew up McCulloch Labs. They brought a hard drive with evidence to clear Sue's name.

Barry realizes that he can get his speed back through Iris since Speed Force energy is still in her.

Iris wakes up and uses herself as an organic receptor to power the Speed Force.

Barry, Cisco, and Frost face off against Eva and her army. Iris goes to them and discovers she has new powers akin to Eva's. She is able to talk Eva down. Eva surrenders and calls off her army with the help of Barry and Iris.

Eva lets the people in the Mirrorverse out, including Singh and Kamilla.

Eva returns to the Mirrorverse, causing Iris to lose her powers.

Harrison travels back in time to relive the years he spent with his wife, Tess.

Sue and Ralph leave to find more Black Hole sights and end them for good.

Eighteen hours earlier, when Iris was powering the Speed Force, the lightning from it split into four different colors -- red, yellow, green, and blue.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Barry: And what happens to us?
Eva: You adapt to your new world. Same as I did. Don't worry, Barry. I'm not going to kill anyone. I'm not your enemy. What I am is a mother to a newer, better world.

Boss, you have to get better. The Citizen doesn't work without you. So, just, please, come back, okay? Cause we're not giving up on you. Especially Barry. What you two have is amazing. No matter how strong you both are on your own, you're even stronger together. Don't let Eva McCulloch end what you guys have.