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During Barry and Iris' date night, they feel a small earthquake. Different colored lightning strikes over the city.

Central City Strong, an organization focused on rebuilding the city after Eva's terror, comes together to build new homes. Team Flash volunteers their time.

Allegra tells Iris that her article about the Mirrorverse isn't good. She wants her to include her experience in the Mirrorverse.

Abra Kadabra shows up at the Central City Strong site, kills a man, and turns a shed into a small obelisk.

Team Flash and CCPD arrive at the scene. Cisco detects temporal energy from the future. They figure out it was Kadabra.

Iris attends a support group for Mirrorverse survivors to interview a couple of them for her article. She gets overwhelmed and reschedules.

Kadabra creates another obelisk. Barry, Cisco, and Frost catch him. ARGUS takes him into custody.

Cisco runs tests on Frost because she and Caitlin have been having headaches. Her tests come back normal.

Kadabra escapes custody. Barry tries to catch him, but Kadabra traps him. He uses three of his obelisks to create a core and he vanishes.

At STAR Labs, they discover that Kadabra has created an anti-matter bomb to destroy the city. He is teleporting around the city to charge the bomb with kinetic energy.

They find a Martian memory restorer in Kadabra's cuff that brought back his pre-Crisis memories.

Barry finds Kadabra and confronts him about his memories of the family he had pre-Crisis. He had a wife and a son. Barry convinces him to stop his mission to bring them back by destroying the city.

A huge earthquake strikes. A gigantic woman appears and knocks Barry down. She absorbs the anti-matter bomb and kills Kadabra.

She is about to kill Barry, but she runs away.

Iris promotes Allegra to staff writer.

Iris attends the support group and talks about her experience in the Mirrorverse.

Caitlin and Frost separate into two different bodies.

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The Flash Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Look, there are people out there just like you who wish they hadn't been a part of this story. But they were. You're their voice. So try again, for them.


Usually we have to kiss first to make the ground shake.