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Team Flash gathers to remember Wells.

Allegra receives a message from Iris that she sent to Kamilla and Singh.

Cisco tried to create a portal to the Mirrorverse with Atlantian tech, but it didn't work. He states there are two problems they need to solve to open the portal.

Cisco is about to tell Barry, but Barry sees him writing the problems on the board before he can do so.

Allegra shows Barry and Cisco Iris' message.

Cisco runs test on Barry and they come to the conclusion that the ASF gave him the new power of speed thinking.

With his speed thinking, Barry figures out a way to open the portal. They need to collect the dark matter photons that attached themselves to Eva when she used Ramsey's blood to open her own portal.

Iris meets up with Kamilla. They set out to find Singh.

Barry, Cisco, and Frost intercept Eva at a Black Hole site. Frost distracts Eva while Barry collects the particles from her.

Barry lets Frost get hit by Eva because his speed thinking told him that rescuing her wasn't worth the risk of damaging the particles he collected.

Barry is able to save her, but Cisco disagrees with his decision.

Barry figures out that Eva is a mirror duplicate. He obtains the security footage that proves it.

Barry uploads the footage to the talk show Eva is on at that moment. Eva becomes frantic and emotionally compromised, which was Barry's goal.

He wanted her distracted while they open the portal, but Cisco and Frost become worried about him.

Barry realizes they can only save either Kamilla and Singh or Iris from the Mirrorverse. He decides not to tell the team.

Iris and Kamilla find Singh. Him and Kamilla pass out as a result of being shot with a mirror gun.

Cisco tells Barry that the ASF is making him emotionless.

Barry tells Cisco that he is only saving Iris since she has knowledge of Eva and because Kamilla and Singh are expendable.

Cisco, Frost, and Allegra face off against Barry. Frost injects herself with Velocity X and she and Barry race through the city.

They get him back to STAR Labs, but Barry is able to defeat them with a Quantum ball.

Barry opens the portal and is able to save Iris, even though she resists when she finds out he can only save her.

She passes out, and Barry sees the error of his ways. He turns off the ASF.

At the CCPD, an officer is pulled into a mirror.

The original Harrison Wells from Earth-1 materializes on top of the grave Eobard Thawne put him in.

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The Flash Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Why does it always feel like for us to win, some of us have to lose?


He was the most brilliant mind I ever met. They all were. Whatever the problem, you could count on a Wells, a council of them, to have the answers. Now, they're all gone. We gotta find the answers ourselves.