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When you watch The Flash Season 1 Episode 20 online via TV Fanatic, you will find out what happens when Cisco faces one of his deepest fears. Will he be able to do it and will the result be to his liking? Things with Harrison Wells may never be the same. What could be next for the group after he's finally exposed as Eobard Thawne? Find out when you watch The Flash online via TV Fanatic.

Episode Details

On The Flash Season 1 Episode 20, Joe, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin try to set a trap for Harrison Wells and Cisco uses himself as bait, putting himself in grave danger.

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (59 Votes)
The Flash
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The Flash Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Barry, listen to me. You need to move your arms faster! I believe in you, Barry.


Eddie: I know the timing might seem off with everything that has gone on, but I want to propose to Iris and I want your blessing.
Joe: No.
Eddie: [chuckles] Come again?
Joe: No. You do not have my blessing.