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An old woman comes into the ER. She is having an embolism.

A kid has been impaled trying to skateboard.

In surgery, the woman's artery is being repaired. SHaun blurts out that Carly broke up wth him. The discussion about this is interrupted by the patient crashing and eventually she dies.

Shuan thinks the woman shouldn't have died. Melendez disagrees.

Aiden now claims to have been doing weed and skateboarding and doesn't remember Morgan and Claire from earlier.

Shaun wans an autopsy on Jane. MElendez says no. So does Lim.  They also both think Shaun should feel hurt about Carly. SHaun says he's getting the autopsy from the patient's family but no one knows who she was.

Aiden is getting a test and insists he doesn't do drugs.

Shaun goes to talk to Park about his Jane Doe. Park is not interested. 

Aiden is sleeping and Morgan asks if Claire and Melendez are sneaking around. She admits to making the complaint. She's jealous of Claire and Melendez's relationship.

Aiden's brain waves are normal except for delta waves suggesting he's still asleep.

Park finds Shaun inspecting the body. Park thinks Shaun is trying to distract himself. Shaun finds a tattoo on the foot.

Melendez is not happy that they are looking at this case instead of the current patient. Park agrees and again tells Shaun that he is sure it is hard to move on from  Shaun wonders how to move on. Park calls someone about the autopsy.

Lim again sees a little girl while discussing the patient who doesn't remember anything. She runs off and sees no one.

The patient gives a lot of conflicting answers while talking to Claire and Morgan. He realizes that he is getting drunk/high and says that isn't him.

Shaun and Park find out about the patient and that she had a 32 year old son named Jules. They go to see Jules. Shaun launches in to his request for an autopsy. Jules says he doesn't care how she died and slams the door in their face. Park says it is time to move on now.

Claire and Morgan discuss what  might be going on with Aiden. Melendez suggests a psychiatric/dissociative disorder. Claire thinks she has experience with psychosis. Melendez says she is too close. They argue. Andrews breaks it up and orders a lot of tests.

Lim finally catches up with the lttle girl who says her name is Trinity. Her mother is in the maternity ward. She got lost on the way to the cafeteria or so she says. Lim tries to bring her back and she runs off.

Shaun seems to be in a stupor. He runs after Jules and attacks his car. He ends up in jail, where he sis rocking back and forth.

Glassman bails Shaun out. Shaun is worried about missing his surgery. Glassman says the guy isn't pressing charges but there is a restraining order.

Glassman talks to Shaun who says this is not about Carly. He says Carly told him to tell Lea he loves her.  Shaun is afraid of being rejected by Lea. Glassman asks what if Lea says she loves him too?

Morgan and Claire argue about whether Aiden's alter is a good thing or not. Anyway he has a cyst in his hypothalmus. He doesn't want them to do anything about it.

Morgan and Claire talk to Andrews. They want to talk to the alter. Andrews eventually agrees.

The security guards bring Trinity back. Lim says there is no one on the maternity ward with a daughter named Trinity. Trinity won't tell her her real identity. She says she just wanted to meet Lim again. Lim remembers someone left a baby at the ER eight years ago. She had wished she could take her home. She says they have to call her mother. Trinity wants Lim to adopt her

Shaun goes to talk to Lea. She's sorry about Carly and is sure he is hurting. She thinks Carly made a huge mistake.

Trinity says her mom is away and won't know she's gone. Mom has a new daughter.  

Aiden awakens and flirts with Claire, proving he is alter-Aiden. Morgan tells him about the cyst in his brain. Morgan thinks that both alters will continue to exist to an extent no matter what.

Shaun comes to see Carly. He goes into his story about the woman who died. Eventually he says he can't say he loves Lea until he solves this case.

Shaun and Carly go to the morgue. Shaun's theory is wrong. He starts cutting into the body. Carly says the breakup is hard but she knows what she saw. She did see something, didn't she?

Shaun says he loves Carly but loves Lea more. He is scared to tell her. Carly tells him how brave he is. Shaun says he has to go. He thanks her and hugs her.

Aiden sees a video from alter-Aiden saying that he consented to the surgery. Alter-Aiden suggests that Aiden should chillax.

Shaun goes to see Jules and tells him through the window that his mother had a genetic disease that he may have too. He tells him that his mother loved him and was afraid to say so.

Claire goes to a bowling alley with Melendez and it turns out they were only pretending to fight for Morgan's benefit.

Lim reunites Trinity with her mother. She calls her own mother.

Lea comes to see Shaun. He has candles on the table. He tells her he loves her. Lea says she loves him too but she is selfish and needy. How can she lay that on him? She is sure her issues would make things too hard for him. He thinks she doesn't want to be with him because he has autism.  

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Patients die, Dr. Murphy. That's something else we have to own.


Shaun: Carly broke up with me.
Melendez: I thought you two were doing great.
Shaun: We were, but then we weren't. Cross clamp, please.
Park: You must really be hurting.
Shaun: Not really.
Melendez: We've all been there. It helps when you own you're in pain.
Shaun: There is nothing for me to own because I'm fine.