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Everyone is up on a roof somewhere getting a patient who is in crisis from a helicopter. It is raining.

Shaun rebuffs Glassman's attempts to invite him over. He thinks he's still gonna get with Lea.

He also sees a patient who has seen 18 other doctors and no idea what's wrong with her.

Claire runs into an ex-patient. She had given his wife six months to live.

Park tells the emergency patient he has an infection and needs emergency surgery. Later, Park is interrupted during surgery because his son has been caught vaping pot.

It turns out Park's son has severe anxiety, but he accuses Park of not caring about him because he has patients to save.

Meanwhile, Wes goes into renal failure and the only donor match is one of the boys from the street that he mentors, Max. Max is determined to give Wes his kidney but Lim vetoes the idea, even when everyone else thinks it's a good idea.  Lim tells Wes, he asks her to do him a favor, and she tells Max he wasn't a donor match after all.

Meanwhile, Shaun is determined to get Lea to give him a chance romantically but she doesn't want to because he is autistic.

And Melendez convinces Claire to go on a date with her ex-patient.

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Melendez: You've been through this before.
Woman: 17 times. 18 times if you count the homeopathic doctor. Nobody has been able to figure out what's wrong with me.

Glassman: Why are you ignoring my messages? Are you sad because of Lea?
Shaun: Yes, I am sad, but it is going to be okay.
Glassman: Of course it will. I know you are upset about Lea but -
Shaun: I'm still going to be with Lea.