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Shaun wakes Carly up to have sex. It's very early but he thinks that will give them enough time to do it and then go to work.

A patient at the hospital has a hoarse voice and other symptoms. She thinks Shaun being autistic is super cool and takes a photo.

Meanwhile a woman with a little girl is brought into the hospital. She is dehydrated and has a tender abdomen and difficulty breathing. The little girl is watching.

Shaun thinks this patient's mysterious illness is interesting. Carly has to get back to work. She was late because of their pre-dawn dalliance.

Shaun later has lunch with Lea and wants to get brain freeze He explains the science behind brain freezes. Anyway, Lea is quitting her job since she is in a rut. Shaun gets brain freeze and can't deal.

The young mother has a distended colon. There is no one to look after Marla while they keep the mother in the hospital. She goes with Claire eventually.

Andrews does not want to do any of the complicated tests that Shaun suggests.

Marla says she made her Mommy sick and that Mommy drank her poop (ew)

Kylie gets upset when she learns they won't be running more tests and apepars to have a stroke. Shaun gives her lydacane. 

The  mother says she did a fecal transfer to get rid of her UTIs. She got it off a video.

Park and Claire argue about whether this was a stupid idea. Melendez says test Marla's stool.

Kylie's friends interrupt Carly and Shaun kissing and talk about how cute he is. Shaun is upset, especially after finding out Kylie is an influencer. He tells her not to Instagram their conversation. Morgan gives her her surgival options. Shaun says he doesn't want to be famous. Kylie says he has had over 70 marriage proposals. Shaun is upset and goes. Morgan doesn't see what the big deal is (of course)

Marla doesn't have to poop.

During surgery there is a discussion about online diagnoses. The patient begins coding.

Carly interrupts. The three year old's fecal sample appears to be from a 70-year-old and suggests cardiac problems.

For some reason we see Morgan driving down the street and watching people run.

Lim thinks the viral video of Shaun should be used for PR. Andrews thinks that's not a good idea.

Morgan wants to be surgical lead. Andrews suspects she wants the online praise. Lim thinks Morgan should do the surgery. Andrews thinks she shouldn't. Morgan agrees to be the lead anyway.

Claire tucks Marla in ad takes her stuffed animal. Then she goes into an MRI machine. Claire looks at the results.

Anne is woken up prematurely after surgery to talk to her about Marla's situation. Marla needs heart surgery right away.

Shaun doesn't want to talk to reporters and doesn't really want to talk about why.  Glassman says if Shaun thinks about doing the interview, he will think about hiring Lea.

Kiley has chosen an approach based on the votes of her followers. She asks to talk to Shaun alone. She apologizes for upsetting him and says she's grateful. She says he saved her and her career. He thinks she is letting other people make decisions for her.

Anne tries to explain Marla's illness to her. Marla gets upset and starts scremaing NO, then collapses.

Glassman interviews Lea. She says this is a waste of her time, especially since Glassman is not interested in hiring anyone. Lea lists everything she knows about Glassman's business affairs, and he calls her back into the room.

Another converesation about online diagnoses during Marla's surgery.

Shaun asks Carly for advice about the PR piece. He finds it confusing.. She tells him to do what he thinks is right. He says he's going to go talk to Lea. Carly is upset that Shaun had lunch with Lea without telling her. Carly is all jealous that Shaun asks Lea for advice too.

Morgan is looking at her RA-affected hands when Carly shows up on the balcony outside the hospital. Carly says Shaun lied to her. Morgan says Shaun can't lie. Carly says then he's tone-deaf. Morgan says this is what Shaun is like and calls Morgan on er jealousy. Carly says jealousy is ugly and she doesn't want to feel it. Morgan suggests she accept her jealousy and get over it.

Kylie's surgery begins, lead by Morgan. Kylie goes into bradycardia after Morgan makes a mistake.WIth Shaun's help things go back to normal and the surgery can continue.

Kylie is stable and looks okay now. LIm and Andrews argue about whether to tell Kylie about the complication. Morgan doesn't think she can offer an opinion. Lim asks her if she screwed up or not. Shaun says they are all responsible. Andrews thinks they should keep quiet. Andrews asks Shaun to limit his answers if Kylie asks for detials. Shaun isn't sure if he can. Lim says she won't make Shaun defy his conscience.

Claire brings Marla into Anne's room.

Kylie insists on putting an interview with the doctors on her Instagram. She calls Morgan a hero. Morgan feels guilty. Glassman tells her he htinks this happened because of her arthritis.

Shaun goes to see Carly. She says she knows Lea is a good friend and she can't expect Shaun to cut her out. But she is still having a hard time with Wyoming. She has to work out her jealousy.Shaun says THEY have to work it out together. Shaun says he liked Carly's advice better.

Lim talks to Melendez. Someone complained that he is showing favoritism to Claire.

Shaun tells Glassman it wouldn't be honest to talk to reporters because that's not who he is. He doesn't present different versions of himself to the world. He doesn't want to be known as an autistic doctor.



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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Morgan: So you didn't like what the specialists told you, so you came here?
Kylie: I ran out of specialists.

Shaun: Time to wake up.
Carly: It's too early. It's still dark out.
Shaun: I want to have sex.
Carly: As romantic as that proposition is, it's too early.
Shaun: I have calculated it and given our average duration, we have precisely enough time to have sex and get ready to go to work on time.