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Being a successful person with autism can be a double-edged sword.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 14 again nailed it with Shaun's decision about whether or not to do a PR interview for the hospital.

This was only one of the many dilemmas he faced, but man, was it a strong one.

A Social Influencer - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 14

Shaun was only thrust into the spotlight to begin with because Kylie decided to feature him on her video channel without his permission.

Shaun: She was suffering a mini stroke and I saved her. I saved her! So I want to celebrate!
Carly: Outside?
Shaun: I want to celebrate by kissing you a lot. That would be inappropriate inside.

While Morgan didn't understand why that was a big deal, it was.

In the Internet age, sometimes people forget there's any such thing as privacy. So much of our lives are online that it's become normal for many people to be featured in friends' photos and videos. 

But Shaun had every right not to want his image spread all over the Internet, especially because Kylie didn't ask first.

Carly and Shaun Kiss - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 14

And once she did, the hospital wanted to exploit that for its own benefit instead of protecting their employee from a patient's invasion of privacy.

In reality, they should have been concerned that Kylie might overstep boundaries not only with doctors but also with patients.

In real life, my doctor's office has big signs everywhere telling people that taking photos and video is strictly forbidden to protect other patients' privacy,.

Surely there's a similar policy in effect at a major hospital, and if Kylie had violated it, the hospital could have been looking at a lawsuit.

Having Doubts - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 14

But instead, Lim decided that this whole thing might be a good chance for hospital PR, and nobody worried about anything except for the possibility of Shaun saying something embarrassing.

I think stories do matter. I think telling people who you are and what you've accomplished could be inspirational.


I had mixed feelings about Glassman's attempt to convince Shaun to do the interview.

I loved Glassman's comments about the importance of everyone's story. It's a sentiment I share and have made a cornerstone of my life.

But although it was well-intentioned, it also suggested that Shaun was newsworthy because he is a successful person with autism, and that kind of attitude can reinforce stereotypes that most people with autism are unable to function in the world.

Trouble Breathing - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 14

And yet, there are also people with autism who need role models who are like them.

That's one of the reasons I love this show -- people with autism are not usually lead characters, and when they are, most of the time they don't get it right. 

I considered all the arguments. I want to be known as a good doctor, not a good autistic doctor.


It's such a relief to have ONE character on TV who represents people like me realistically. And within the universe of the show, Shaun could, if he wanted, be the same type of role model for fictional people that he is for real-life viewers.

Carly is Challenged - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 14

That said, Shaun was right. If he did the interview, he'd be forever labeled as that doctor with autism and people would never notice other parts of his identity.

I get that. You want to be seen as the whole person you are, not just as one particular label that people find weird or interesting or inspiring.

And in Shaun's case, there's lots of reasons he might be inspiring, not just his autism. 

Confronting Morgan - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 14

He overcame his father's abuse and his brother's death to become a surgeon as well as overcome resistance to hiring a doctor with autism. 

And he's a great diagnostician who has come up with innovative solutions to medical problems.

All of that is part of Shaun's story and could be inspiring, His autism is part of that, but not all of it, but the reporters wanted to focus on his autism.

Shaun's dilemma over this was, unfortunately, mixed up with Carly's jealousy of Lea.

That was probably the least interesting storyline on The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 14. Carly was being completely ridiculous, and Morgan of all people called her out on it.

That in itself should have woken her up to the fact that she was overreacting.

Morgan isn't known for her common sense so if even she thought Carly was exaggerating, something was wrong.

Far more compelling was the hospital's ethical dilemma after Kylie's surgery.

Abdominal Distress - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 14

I understood Andrew's reasoning. The complication meant nothing and Kylie was a major Internet influencer, so any negativity would spread fast.

But I couldn't help thinking that something was going to go wrong later.

If Kylie develops an unforeseen complication as a result of Morgan's mistake and nobody told her about the error, couldn't that be construed as the hospital trying to cover up an error?

Of course, if they told her everything, she could still sue or give the hospital negative publicity, but it seemed like that was the best course of action.

And if Glassman is right that Morgan's rheumatoid arthritis was to blame, she could be liable if Kylie ever decides to sue.

Meanwhile, Claire's case was mildly interesting -- she certainly seemed attached to that little girl -- but the bigger question is who lodged that anonymous complaint?

My money is on Park. He appeared perpetually annoyed that Melendez agreed with Claire's views on Googling medical conditions and following online advice.

But what would he gain from making a complaint?

Your turn, The Good Doctor fanatics.

Did Shaun make the right decision? Was Carly's jealousy misplaced? And who do you think filed that complaint against Melendez?

Hit SHOW COMMENTS and let us know what you think.

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