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Morgan and Park have had sex and now are having banter about whether or not Park should leave his phone charger there. Morgan wants him to see other women.

Meanwhile, Shaun doesn't think he needs a birthing class and is not very interested in the baby's gender.  Lea is excited to find out they are having a girl.

Morgan and Asher see an MMA guy with a serious injury to his chest. Asher seems more interested in talking about MMA. The patient is too freaked out by the needle.

Claire and Shaun see a Navy patient with a pregnant daughter. Shaun asks the pregnant woman about the sex of her baby and doesn't understand why it's great news that he is having a girl. The fact that the mom is an overachiever who wants to rush her recovery is lost in this conversation.

MMA guy wanted his procedure to be super private so that fans wouldn't know he has implants. He tells them a story of how his mom put him in jitjitsu to defend himself and he loved it.

Park gets on Morgan for flirting. He wants to know why he has to see other women. Morgan doesn't want him to get attached to her. He tells her she has no charm.

Shaun asks inappropriate questions about sexism in the OR until the patient begins crashing, then just as suddenly goes back to normal blood pressure. Lim says they have to finish the procedure before they can figure out what happened.

Asher and Park work on the MMA  guy. Park asks if Asher is seeing anyone and wants to know his thoughts on exclusivity. Back to the patient, he's got a big mass -- possibly breast cancer.

Shaun's patient is doing a stress test and Shaun feels a need to ask her about how her gender impacted her Navy career.

The MMA guy doesn't get how he can have breast cancer when he doesn't have breasts. He wants his implants to stay. If his body changes he will lose his career.

Morgan is judgmental as usual. Park accuses her of sexism and also has created a dating profile for Park with a sexy photo he's not happy about.

At the birthing class,  Shaun is not doing a good job with the massage and the leader is talking about the woman being in charge of her delivery. Shaun keeps interrupting to correct the woman. Lea doesn't like that.  Everyone freaks out when Shaun mentions bowel incontinence during labor.

Later Shaun tells Claire they were kicked out of the class. Anyway, Navy woman's heart problem was a reaction to anesthesia (probably. They don't know for sure.) She just needs to be mobile to be released. She gets her walker but immediately collapses.

The hip is intact, didn't cause the fall.  Her blood pressure had suddenly dropped again. Everyone is throwing out ideas for what it could be. Lim instructs them to make a list. Shaun tries to do it right in front of her and she has to tell him to do it somewhere else.

Lea introduces Shaun to a doula. Shaun says Lea doesn't need anyone but him during delivery. Lea is scared of labor and needs to know she can get exactly what she needs during it. Massages are not Shaun's strength and she is sure neither of them wants failure.

Some doctor wants Park to get an autograph from the MMA patient. Morgan informs him that the doctor is wrong for him. She suggests he texts a redhead and he has no idea what she's talking about.

In the middle of checking the woman for tumors, Shaun asks Claire to squeeze his hand as hard as she can so he can practice for Lea. He insists that Lea doesn't need a doula. Claire thinks there is more to this than Shaun realizes.

Shaun shows up in the maternity ward where someone is in labor and attempts to interview her while she is giving birth. The doctor in charge has Glassman paged.

Shaun talks to Glassman about how he doesn't see a need for the doula even though it's a good idea. Glassman tells him he can't have it both ways.

Andrews talks for some reason about how men are encouraged not to express their grief/heartbreak. Anyway the patient needs a msectomy.

Shaun has to work still but has got all sorts of massaging devices for Lea. But Lea has decided she wants the doula. Shaun is not listening and insists he will be a good father so Lea doesn't need the doula. Lea says it is her body and she wants a doula there.

Shaun goes to the Navy woman and asks her about doulas during the examination. She and her daughter get in a discussion about whether the woman wanted to be there for her family -- she did but she wanted her daughter to learn to be strong. Her blood pressure drops all of a sudden after this proclamation.

The MMA guy doesn't want surgery. Maybe chemo? He's not interested in anything that will interfere with his image.

The daughter remembers a time when the mom almost fainted before. She insists it was just exhaustion. She told her internist and he said it was a symptom of menopause. Shaun asks for other menopause symptoms, but she doesn't quite remember. Her doctor told her to forget about it so she did.

Shaun interrupts the doctor who misdiagnosed Jean. The doctor insists it was menopause and that the blood pressure was a symptom of anxiety. Shaun informs him he is wrong and says his daughter is never coming to see this doctor. He leaves. So does a patient.

The doctors discuss what Jean's diagnosis could be. Shaun shoots down eveyrone's ideas. Could it be sleep apnea? The only evidence of that is a post on Reddit. Shaun says that is not scientific. Claire says neither is this.

Morgan isn't happy that Park put a real photo of himself up. Anyway chemo has not been kind to the MMA fighter who is puking but insisting he will get through this. Park tells him this is dumb .and that he is killing himself trying to live up to his perfect facade. He convinces the patient to get the surgery instead.

The team looks at Redditt and Claire concludes that Jean has Parkinson's disease.

The MMA guy is healing and will be back to full strength in a few months. He has put up an IG post about his fight with breast cancer. He's even got comments from women who are into scars.

Shaun tells tJean  she has Parkinson's. She won't be able to fly anymore. There is nothing they can do to reverse the progression of the disease at this point but they can manage the symptoms with medication. Jean wants to go home. Instead of getting her discharged, Tori hugs her while she cries. Shaun is watching.

Park tells Morgan he's busy. He's going out with some other woman. Morgan seems upset.

Shaun has invited the doula into their apartment to show Lea he accepts the need for her.


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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Lea: It's a girl. We're having a girl.
Shaun: Would you like to paint the nursery pink?
Lea: No! This isn't the 50s.

Lea: We need to leave at 6 PM for our birthing class.
Shaun: The birthing class I don't need due to my OBGYN rotation in medical school.