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Shaun wakes Lea up excited they are having a baby. Lea's morning sickness makes sex impossible.

Morgan is offended that Park offers her his umbrella. She doesn't want romantic gestures.

Claire's father shows up on her doorstep. She isn't interested. But he starts having a stroke so she has to get him to the hospital.

Asher and Shaun see a woman who is lightheaded and in pain. Needs surgery right away.

Jordan feels a need to flirt with Miles. Miles tells her he gets migraines when he's stressed. He wants to go out for coffee with Claire. Claire wants to run CT scans instead of releasing him.

Emergency surgery. Patient is having a hard time. Andrews gives the orders. Blood pressure starts rising again.

In the CT room, Miles tells Claire he has terminal cancer.

Jordan tells Park and Lim that Miles started chemo but didn't start it. They might be able to operate but it could be dangerous. Lim asks Claire what she thinks. She says let him decide.

Shaun says his patient has a rare condition that makes it hard for her blood to clot. Her left leg has been bothering her but she's sure it's just a pulled muscle.

Meanwhile Shaun has brought Lea some vitamin tablets. She doesn't want him to call the baby a fetus and wants him to be a dad, not a doctor.

Morgan and Park have another obnoxious scene in which Morgan thinks Park is giving her poisoned coffee.

Jordan tells Claire that Miles refused treatment. Claire goes on about how Miles wants forgiveness and she won't give it.

Shaun thinks the patient and her husband are a great couple. Asher says that the man is gay and not her partner. Anyway the blood has eaten away at the woman's bone.

Jordan tells Miles his liver is bleeding and he needs the surgery. Miles is not afraid of dying but where is his daughter?

Shaun keeps going back and forth between talking about Lea and talking about the patient. Glassman says Shaun will need to make some adjustments. Shaun is not interested in adjusting.

Lim talks to Claire. Miles may be dying. Claire says Miles quit being her dad. She doesn't want to grieve him all over again. Lim says she will hate herself if she turns her back on him now.

Shaun explains the femur replacement procedure to his patient. She could fully recover or she could die. Andrews says amputation is safer but the woman's dance career would be over. That's not acceptable to her. She wants to dance with the man she is with before the surgery (how can she do that when her leg is destroyed?)

Morgan annoyingly asks Park to come over. He says she embarrassed him in front of a superior. He says it was plain coffee and he was being nice. Morgan wants to know when they started being nice to each other? Park says she is emotionally stunted. So it's better to go back to the way things were.

Molly is reading. Asher comes to see her. He says you're in love with him, aren't you? He says she is risking her life to save something that isn't real. She says she and Leo share a life and are partners in every way except one. Asher tells her about some girl he grew up with named Rachel who he was expected to marry. But then he fell for a boy and he realized he couldn't live a lie. Molly says she and Leo share everything and she doesn't want anything to change between them.

Shaun tries dancing with Lea. She feels nauseated and has to stop. Shaun tells her he feels disconnected from her and tells her he doesn't feel anything for the baby because it is not a baby yet and it is making her sick and mad at him. She calls him selfish and walks off

Miles is getting dressed. Claire shows up to talk to him. He says she deserved better than him and he can't make up for abandoning her. He and her mom were high school sweethearts. He had to give up his scholarship to Howard for the family. But he couldn't handle Reese's mental illness. Claire says at least she was there even if she was drunk and sick and out of her mind (which means she wasn't there but anyway). She doesn't want to hear what he has to say. He could have come back before now. He says he was a coward and ran away. Claire says he should get the surgery whether or not she's in his life or else he's still a coward.

Lea tells Shaun she's scared too. She doesn't want to do this alone and go through 9 months of Shaun seeing the baby as a medical condition and if she does she'll resent him. She wants to help him feel connected. Shaun starts to open his shirt. She says no, not sex. Put your hand on my belly and talk to the baby. Shaun starts telling the baby about his patient. Then he says he is the baby's father. Lea asks if that helped him feel better? Shaun said no because the fetus can't hear yet. Lea doesn't think Shaun should come to her pre-natal appointment since he will feel nothing. Shaun says okay.

Claire finds a photo of herself and Miles in his room.

Shaun wonders whether Leo can love Mia when he's not sexually attracted to her. (Too bad no one pointed out that asexuality is a legitimate orientation). Mia has a complication in surgery. They have to ask Leo whether to move forward with the surgery.

Leo says that Mia wants to dance. Try to save her leg. Asher says Mia is in love with Leo and that's why she's having the surgery. He thinks if Leo will stay with her no matter what then don't honor her wishes. Save her life. Leo says of course I love her. Asher says how much?

Lim tells Claire that they found significant polyps. His cancer is genetic. So Claire needs a test to make sure she doesn't have it as well. Claire walks out.

Morgan tells Park to go play chess with a patient. Park says this is you being a decent human. Morgan is annoyed.

Claire gets the test. She asks Shaun if he was glad he saw his dad before he died. Shaun says no. His dad was a bad man who did bad things. But maybe Miles tried to be a good dad and he couldn't. Claire says if something is important to you, you make it happen. Shaun says what if you're trying to connect with your child and it just doesn't work? Does she want to know what kind of man her father is?

Mia is upset that Leo had her leg amputated. He says he couldn't risk her life but he's not going anywhere..

Shaun is dealing with one of Glassman's patients and diagnoses him with low potassium from eating black licorice. The patient leaves and Shaun tells Glassman that Lea doesn't want him at the prenatal appointment. Glassman says he hid from his wife and child at work too. He wonders if he had been there when Maddy was a baby she wouldn't have died. Shaun should be there for as many moments as he can.

Morgan walks out into the rain. Park pulls up next to her. Morgan apologizes to him and says they can be nice to each other sometimes.

Mia tells Asher that Leo isn't sure this will be enough for him. She knew that already. She asked him to go so she could make room for someone else. Asher is sorry.

Claire tells an unconscious Miles that she has been mad for so long she couldn't feel anything else. She thought she'd outgrown it but when he went into surgery she was afraid. Miles wakes up. She says when he feels better he can take her for Rocky Road ice cream. It's still her favorite. She takes his hand. He says he loves her.

Shaun comes to Lea's prenatal appointment after all. He asks the doctor where she went to medical school. Lea tells him to just be the dad. They hear the heartbeat.  Shaun stares at the monitor.



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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Miles: Hello, Claire. My name is Miles Brown and I am your father.
Claire: What are you doing here?

Shaun: We're having a baby.
Lea: And that baby is making me feel like I ate three-month-old sushi.