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We see a bunch of first year residents introducing themselves and their backgrounds. The last one, Enrique, is wearing swim shorts and talks about swimming in Costa Rica.

Lim wants them to supervise the resident applicants and decide between them. 

Morgan goes to see Glassman. He warns her that if she gets another complaint she'll have a problem.

Morgan finds a tumor on a patient's heart.

Andrews has a patient for everyone to see. She needs breast implants because of a deformity. One of the applicants thinks she should not do it.

Morgan interviews the residents while waiting for Claire to review test results. Claire says left throrocotomy. Morgan disagrees with her approach. Claire tells her that she is not a surgeon and should be leaving the residents alone. Will tries to explain.

Andrews is mad at both Shaun and the resident. The new resident still thinks the girl should not get breast implants. She thinks they are being sexist.

Morgan and Claire talk to the patient. He doesn't want his family to know until after the surgery.

Lea and Shaun have lunch. The residents are staring at them. Lea tells him he can't just have them stand there and she wants him to introduce them to her. They sit down and Shaun says all sorts of inappropriate things, ending with not liking Lea's voice when she's on the phone with her parents.

Lim has the intercom turned off to stop Morgan from commenting. She talks to Claire and doesn't like that Claire doesn't like Will.

Morgan asks the residents why they want to become surgeons. The Hasidic guy has stopped believing in G-d and wants to save people. 

The surgical team can't operate on the tumor.

Radiation and immunotherapy won't work. After discussion, Morgan gets an idea to take the heart out, remove the tumor, and put the heart back. Claire doesn't like that idea.  Lim says do a cardiac MRI and then we'll see.

Andrews leads the class in questions as he does the surgery. He turns the sound off and asks what Shaun thinks. Shaun likes a guy who doesn't talk. Andrews likes Allen because she stood up to him. Park is interested in who he can get along with.

Claire has the residents take a look at the MRI. Will doesn't let his female co-worker speak. Morgan tells him not to. Claire lets him speak. Morgan lets her student speak. She points out the arteries are clean. Claire realizes Morgan's idea may work.

Andrews explains about the sutures. All of a sudden the patient's vitals drop. They are able to get her stable. Andrews wants post-op labs so they can figure out what happened.

Shaun thinks it's a metabolic imbalance. Park thinks it's a heart condition. Andrews asks the residents for their opinions. Enrique has a story about a guy in Costa Rica who fell out of a tree and had vitamin deficencies. 

The residents vie to be part of the heart operation. Shaun interrupts. Park wants eveyrone in the break room. Park has a story about fighting Mike Tyson. Nobody knows who that is. Morgan introduces herself as a theatre nerd. Claire has nothing to say. Shaun talks about how he used to not like music. He also likes to watch the Weather Channel.

Lim and Andrews argue over who should supervise the first-years. 

Quiet guy asks Shaun how his experience has been.  Shaun asks the Hasidic guy why he hates God. He tries to find out of the guy is gay. The other resident doesn't think this is appropriate. Shaun says Lea is very important to him. Allen tells him he shouldn't have criticized her voice then.

Claire tells Enrique he should be wearing a suit and tie. He thinks his clothes make her feel disrespected. Morgan has changed the anesthesiologist. Claire doens't want Morgan controlling things when she is not a surgeon.

Shaun talks to Lea, who says this is not a compliment and is busy. She wants to go home and tells Shaun to leave her alone.

Allen and Enrique argue about whether Lea is mad at Shaun. Enrique gives Shaun some advice. The other resident thinks the patient has a clot in her brain. He's right.

Morgan is nervous about what is taking so long. She and Lim argue about what's going on. The patient codes. Morgan tries to tell them to put the heart back. Claire tells her they can't.

Shaun and Allen go over the risks. Shaun realizes they need a stent retriever. Park thinks it's too risky. Andrews says it could lead to total recovery and agrees to it.

Morgan interjects into the conversation. Lim kicks her out and she and Claire discuss using pork bladder tissue. Lim decides that's the best course of action.

Andrews and Shaun start their surgery. The patient flatlines but Andrews says he's got the clot. Vitals go back to normal.

Bleeding is getting worse on Lim's patient. The Hasidic resident gets them the pork bladder tissue.

Shaun talks to Glassman, who has an idea, about his Lea problem.

LIm's team puts the heart back in and it beats.

Shaun/Andrews' patient wakes up. Andrews tells her about the clot and all she's worried about is the reconstruction. 

Shaun tells Lea he's sorry.

Morgan talks to her patient and tells her that Claire is the one he should thank.

The group talks about the residents. They decide to take Will and Allen because Andrews and Lim like them. They decide to take Asher. They also choose Lumberg, but he has decided they are all too unprofessional. Claire decides she likes both of the remaining ones and tells Lim she wants to get rid of Will.  She realizes Lim was testing them to see if they would be honest with her.  They toast to the new residents. The third-years will be in charge of training them.


The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Internal medicine is boring. Between cigarette smokers and alcoholics, all I'm doing is saving people from themselves.


Lim: Will Hooper is a Rhodes scholar and top of his class.
Park: What he is is full of himself.