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Lea is putting up her menstraul cycle. It's been a year since the miscarriage. She wants to try again to make a baby. Shaun isn't sure but gets excited when she tells him to send good vibes into the universe. They have sex.

Andrews finds his ex-wife in his office. Her friend is pregnant with sextuplets. She wants him to look at the case. Two of the babies will require surgical intervention. She will step off the case if needed. Andrews asks her to stay.

The babies will need time in the NICU. The mother plans to name the babies after they cry. They need to be delivered today because baby F doesn't have room and her trachea is getting crushed.  The doctors help deliver and two of them are identical twins. Shaun freezes as he takes baby D, who is a boy. Baby E has spina bifida and will need surgery at birth. Lim will perform a procedure that has never been done on a multiple birth before. They have less than a minute to deliver  Lim is able to open the airway and place a tube with seconds to spare.

Each of the doctors are with a baby in the NICU. Andrews says B and C need to stay together. Morgan argues but Andrews shuts her down. Shaun says D and E aren't crying yet. Baby F has a clear airway but hasn't cried yet. She is sent to the NICU.

The mother wakes up. Baby A has cried and is taken to meet her mother. The mother names her Abigail.

Morgan complains about the research being biased. Park wants to focus on the baby's issues. They aren't happy working together and don't want to talk to each other.

Shaun tells Perez that Lea has an OBGYN appointment and last year she miscarried at 22 weeks. Shaun says everything is fine and goes back to training Perez. He tells Pere to be firmer with the needle. Perez is successful.He tells Shaun that Shaun will be a great dad. Shaun doesn't think Perez is qualifed to say so.

Jordan thinks the parents are heroes for trying to keep all six babies. Glassman says that the odds are against the babies all surviving. Their baby develops a problem and they can't do anything. They will have to inform the parents.

Lim wants to remove the CPAP now that Baby F's airway is clear. Also she says the basketball guy asked her out.

Baby E may need to be reintubated and may not survive. The parents pray for a miracle. They do not want a visit from the chaplain and don't want Jordan to give up.

Baby B's stats are improving. Park wants to know why Morgan is on Tinder. She's looking for sperm donors. Park realizes what surgery the baby needs.

The husband is donating marrow for one of the babies. He and h is wife talk about how they met while Shaun does the marrow draw.

Park asks Morgan if she wants to raise the baby on the idea. She's offended. Park says it'll be tough to find a partner. Morgan is even more annoyed.

Shaun and Lea learn that Lea has a syndrome that makes it unsafe for her to have children. She may never be able to.

Glassman doesn't think Jordan was honest because she didn't say there was no hope. HE thinks the baby will likely not survive and Jordan should accept that.

Park asks Morgan what she knows about the men she is considering. He wants to be a sperm donor for her, no strings attached. Andrews comes in then. He gives directions since the babies still aren't crying.

Powell and Lim try to figure out why baby F's stats are plummeting. They need to put her back on CPAP

Perez asks Shaun about the appointment. Shaun is not okay but notes the baby is drooling and says they need to operate.

In the OR Shaun gets angry that Perez makes a mistake and takes over.

Lim finds Clay in her office with dinner. She says she's in the middle of the case but he doubts she is fasting.

Jerome can't imagine six kids. Asher isn't sure he.wants kids. Jerome wants a big family.

Lim seems distracted. Clay asks about her case. He suggests the baby has a problem with the diaphragm. Lim is impressed. Maybe they'll go on a real date. He says it will be a real date when they kiss.  They do.

Morgan rejects Park's offer. It would hurt too much.

Shaun and Lea have dinner and he says there is a 67% chance the baby would survive. He wants to send good vibes into the universe. Lea thanks him but right now she's very sad.

The monitors go off and the baby Asher is dealing with starts to crash. Jerome picks her up and sings to her and her stats straighten out. Jerome says she forgot to breathe.

Glassman says he's accepting the situation and going home. Jordan refuses to give up hope. He is not interested in her thoughts about hypnogosia. Andrews has heard of it and likes Jordan's idea that Glassman thinks is ridiculous.

Clay turns out to be right. Also Powell texted him to bring Lim dinner. Lim is not annoyed about that. She asks Powell to scrub in on the surgery.

Jordan wakes Glassman. He says the groin. They should check the groin and it may be the answer to the issues. But how will they insert the device if the baby can't lie on her back.

Baby C is still not crying. Baby B is. Baby C cries too. Morgan and Park look at each other.

Jordan has found a solution. She is glad Glassmsn humored her. He is glad she didn't let him give up on hope.

Perez and Shaun's patient still hasn't cried. Perez apologizes again. The baby cries as Shaun picks up his stethoscope.

Andrews holds a meeting. All six babies are healthy and will be going home. Morgan and Park aren't paying attention. Morgan wants Park to help her find prospects.

The mother meets her babies and names them. Andrews wants volunteers to help once the babies go home.

Jerome and Asher talk about how their parents embarrassed them singing when they were kids. Asher is now open to the possibility of having kids.

Isobel apologizes for cheating. Andrews admits he wasn't paying attention to his marriage. Isobel says her patients grew apart then found each other again. She takes a photo of the parents holding the six babies.

Asher sings to Jerome.

Shaun and Lea come home and Lea cries. Shaun holds her.

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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

I didn't realize there was a special consultation procedure for ex-wives. Whatever it is, tell me and I'll do it.


Isobel: Thanks for taking this on.
Andrews: The hard part isn't over. It's just beginning.