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Lim awakens next to Clay. She gets into her wheelchair but he convinces her to get back in bed.

Jordan is cold after not listening to Perez about wearing a jacket. Asher shows up. Jordan says that Perez stayed on her couch. Asher thinks Jordan is settling for a guy who will never be her boyfriend.

Shaun's patient has abdominal pain and a mass in her right pelvis.

A patient is dizzy. She tells Morgan she fell and hit her head. She had some drinks last night. How did she get to the hospital? Her stomach hurts. She's scared. She's bleeding from her spleen and has a distended abdomen.

Lim comes in, tells Shaun the mass is unusual and tries to leave but gets into a conversation with Asher about breakfast burritos.

Asher has a teenage patient with big benign growths on her head. He wants to remove them and promises it will minimize scars.

Outside the OR, Perez invites Jordan to have pizza. She asks if he's heard of breadcrumbing. Perez thinks connection is great whether romantic or platonic.

Asher thinks things are awkward between Shaun and Lim. Shaun thinks it's logical that their relationship is only professional. Anyway they find a surgical towel inside the patient.

Jordan realizes the patient was raped when asked to place a catheter.

Park tells the patient that she had some bleeding. Morgan mentions the bruising. The patient doesen't think it's possible that she was sexually assaulted. She went out for drinks with her friends. She's sure she would remember it. Morgan tells her that she had rohyphnol in her system. Jordan recommends a rape kit. The patient denies that anything happened.

Shaun tells the patient that she had a surgical towel in her gut. She argues with her girlfriend who is a nurse. Shaun says it doesn't matter whose fault it is. The patient doesn't want to hear her girlfriend's opinion of how Shaun should proceed. The patient crashes and Shaun thinks they need to operate now.

Andrews is double booked and can't do the girl's surgery. His assistant doesn't think that's a good idea.

The surgical towel patient has a high heart rate/blood pressure and Shaun thinks she can't tolerate surgery. He goes to talk to Lim who is annoyed when he discusses the patient blaming her wife when it wasn't her wife's fault. Lim refuses to give Shaun a consult because he is an attending.

Jordan doesn't blame the patient for not wanting to do a rape kit. Morgan insists it has to be done. The patient has woken up screaming and has pulled out her IV. She is having flashbacks. Morgan helps her. She says she had a nightmare. She is bleeding again.

Shaun talks to Glassman who doesn't understand why Lim isn't looking at the case but agrees to help. Shaun suggests a hysterectomy but the women wanted to start a family. Glassman tells Shaun to talk to the wife.

Park's patient needs her spleen removed but it will have to be vaginal. Morgan wants her to do a rape kit. The woman refuses. Morgan says but you'll have no proof. The patient doesn't care. She doesn't think it will help. The rape kit won't unrape her.

Shaun talks to the patient's wife who says her wife has always wanted to be pregnant. Shaun says she has to make the best decision even if her wife is mad. She consents to the total resection.

Glassman runs into Lim in the gym. She thinks Shaun was smart to ask Glassman to help. Glassman thinks she's angry with Shaun. She says she will be mad as long as she wants and that he only cares about Shaun. She leaves.

Park tells Morgan the patient wants her off the case. Morgan says but she may regret not having the rape kit for the rest of her life. Park says it is not Morgan's decision.

Shaun insists that Glassman assist with the surgery.

Andrews has rearranged things to do the surgery but wants to fire Villanueva. She reminds him how nice he was to her when she was in the hospital. they begin the surgery. Andrews hopes to save the patient's hair.

In the middle of surgery, Shaun thinks he can save the uterus. Glassman tells him to stick to the plan.

Glassman comes to check on Shaun who says that the surgery went as expected. He wanted to save her uterus. Glassman says Luna made the right decision even if her wife will never forgive her. What matters is she is alive. Glassman asks if this is about Lim.. Shaun says he and Lim have a personal relationship. Shaun says Lim will not talk to him. Glassman says they have to resolve this. Shaun says he has notes to write.

Jordan tells Perez that the surgery was cool but terrible. Perez feels guilty about thinking that the patient was high. Jordan tells him she doesn't want to just be friends with him so no more research together for now.

Morgan apologizes for pressuring Toni. She regretted it when she didn't do a rape kit in her own situation. She tells her story. She was stalked by a friend of a friend in medical school. He followed her home and she never told anyone. Now she'll never know how many other women he hurt. But she realizes that's her regret. Morgan has a flashback of wiping her bruised face after the rape.

Toni says she knew the guy liked her. She should have made sure he knew it wasn't a date. She doesn't even know if she told him to stop. Morgan tells her it's not her fault and she has to do what's best for her. Toni decides to do the rape kit.

Andrews' patient is happy with the results, especially that Andrews has braided her hair for her.

Toni does the rape kit while Morgan holds her hand.

Asher tells the patient they had to do a hysterectomy. Luna tells her she needed her to survive. She failed her five years ago in the OR and yesterday. The patient forgives her and wants her there every step of the way.

Park tells Morgan the surgery went well and it's too early to tell about Toni's mental health. He asks why she never told him. Morgan doesn't want pity. Park says what she did for Toni was brave and he's here for her.

Shaun goes to see Lim to talk to her about her surgery. He refuses to apologize but he is sorry for other things. He says he saved her life but his decision also caused her harm. When he saw her hurt and bleeding it made him think of Steve's death and didn't want to lose her too. He misses her. She says this has been really hard but her life is in a good place and she's happy. But she's still angry sometimes and it may take a while to let that go. But she's missed him too.

Andrews tells Villanova she made him remember why he got into medicine. He offers her a drink. She wants wings and fries.

Lim comes to see Glassman and thank him as she has now talked to Shaun. She can't join him for a drink because she's having dinner with Clay.

Jordan says goodnight to Perez. He goes after her and kisses her. He's not sure what that was.

Shaun is back in his old office. Glassman says he sees movement and Lim might be able to walk again.m

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Jordan: The best way to gather evidence is a rape kit.
Patient: No. I don't need that. I was with my friend. He wouldn't let anything like that happen.

Jordan: Have you ever heard of breadcrumbing?
Perez: No. Does it have to do with pigeons?